Vocab Presentation #8

Colette Page

Fill in the Blank

Pollen is known to ____________ asthma.
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The word is (#3) exacerbate.



tr. verb. To increase the severity of something; to intensify irritation or violence.


mid 17th century: from Latin exacerbat- ‘made harsh,’ from the verb exacerbare, from ex- (expressing inducement of a state) + acerbus ‘harsh, bitter.’ The noun exacerbation (late Middle English) originally meant ‘provocation to anger.’

Which sentence uses the word incorrectly?

A. Do french fries and chocolate exacerbate acne?

B. Building a toll road on I-77 will exacerbate the traffic issues.

C. My sister is so annoying; she exacerbates me everyday.

D. My fear of heights is exacerbated by being up high.

The answer is C.

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