Newsletter Week 4 Term 3

Kaimai School 16th August 2022


Nau mai haere mai,

What a way to start the week! Logan popped into my office to share his wonderful writing. His huge smile says it all. Keep up the awesome learning Logan.

We have had some staff away over the past week with chills and ills. Thank you so much to our relievers that were able to jump in and carry on our class programmes. We know that some of our families have also be affected by these nasty winter bugs. We hope you feel better soon.

Rebecca Cowman (Miss C) will be away for a couple of weeks attending a very important family function in the UK. All the best Rebecca and we look forward to seeing you back soon. Liz Callahan will be teaching in Rima Kiwi while Rebecca is away.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the Kaimaiwealth Games. The staff are preparing some very cool games and activities. Please wear your house colours to school.

There is a change to the afternoon bus schedule on Wednesday 17 August. Both buses will be on the Lower Kaimai bus for this afternoon only. Graeme will drop off his normal route first and then he will drop off the upper Kaimai route. There will be a delay of 30-45 minutes. If it suits best, you can also pick up school on this day.

Have a great rest of the week everyone.



Attendance and Absences

If your child is going to be absent from school for medical or other reasons, there are three ways to contact the school to let us know.


Kei te pai to our value certificate recipients. You are shining!

Buddy Reading and Buddy Time

We are working very hard to build our tuakana-teina relationships at Kaimai School. Our older students have been supporting our younger learners by reading with them and helping them to practice their learning words. It is also a great way to build relationships too.
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Communication at Kaimai

Kaimai School is a Restorative Practice School. We want to make sure that we address any issues or concerns that arise using our restorative process. Here is some key information for you to direct you to procedures in school.

  • If you have a concern about your own child or one of our other students, contact the student's class teacher or the principal to discuss the matter. The school monitors, records, and responds appropriately to any concerns about a student's safety and welfare.

If your concern relates to another student, you must not approach that student or their parents/caregivers/whānau directly. Speak to their teacher or the principal.

  • If you have a general concern about the school or its programmes, discuss it with the person involved or the principal.
  • If you have a concern about another parent, caregiver, or member of the school community on a school-related matter, raise this with the principal.

Please note that if there has been an issue between students at school/on the bus and you have contacted us to follow this up, we will talk to all parties involved. Please respect teacher's time outside of school business hours. Our staff have families at home, and are unable to address the issue until they are on site, the next day. We thank you in advance for this.

A Load of Rubbish

Our school has teamed up with the House of Science to investigate 'A Load of Rubbish He Putunga Para.' This is unpacking the topic of circular economy and resource management.

The science resource kit includes at least 5 hands-on experiments, they cater for Year 0-8 students, are easy to use – everything the class needs is in the kit, they include all consumables. Our classes are taking turns digging deeper into the rubbish topic. This week is Ruma Kea's turn. We can't wait to see what the kids find out!

Riding Day Out

We have a small group that go riding each week. It's a boys day out at RDA this week. I think those happy faces say it all!

Ruma Ruru

Last week Rūma Ruru students started organising lunchtime activities for the rest of the school. Daily sports games will be happening around the school for whoever would like to participate, they include football, dodgeball, basketball, netball and capture the flag. As well as this, the library will be open on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes for those who want a quieter session, and there is a baking club and an art club due to start next week. I am so impressed with the leadership the students are showing in these activities. Go Ruru.

Has your information changed?

We want our contact information to be current. If you have had a change of address, email, or phone number, please let us know. You can:

*contact the school office at 07 543 0999 or

*click on the link to fill in

Upcoming Events

  • Kiwi Can - every Friday
  • Kaimaiwealth Games - 17 - August- TBC
  • Choir Performance - 30- August - TBC
  • Conservation Week - 05 - September
  • Wig Wednesday (crazy hair day) - 07 September
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