The disease that suprises thousands!

What is Progeria?

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome(HGPS) or , just Progeria is a disorder that affects children and gives them an appearance of accerlerated aging. This disease is caused by a mutation on the gene which a protein (Lamin A) holds the nucleus of the of the cell together. It is NOT hereditary. Signs of Progeria are;

-Growth Failure

-Loss of Body Fat

-Loss of Hair

-Skin Starts To Look Aged

-Stiffness In the Joints

-Hip Dislocation

-Generalized (Cardio and Heart Disease)


Long Term Effects Of Progeria And Its Treatments.

Kids with Progeria are normally born looking healthy , but when they hit about 10 to 24 months , signs of the disorder start to appear. Progeria is due to a rare gene which occurs by chance. Almost all progeria patients are killed by heart disease ,and it is a leading cause of death world wide. Patients with Progeria normally suffer from hypertension, stroke,enlarged heart, heart failure etc. Children with Progeria die of heart disease at about the age of 13.

In September 2001, it was found out that a farnesyltransferase Inhibitor can improve bone structure, weight gain, and the cardiovascular system. It was normally used for treating cancer, but they thought they could reverse the nuclear structure deformity that causes Progeria.