Collision Thoery

By Luke Burke

What is the collision Theory?

The idea that different factors, such as the surface are, concentration and temperature, have an affect on the rate of reaction on atoms. There are different rates that a reaction can occur at: a fast rate of reaction means that the reaction happens quickly, just like an explosion. A slow rate of reaction means that the reaction happens slowly, just like rusting.

What can affect the rate of reaction?

The rate of any reaction will increase if the particles start to collide more frequently. This is because a reaction can only take place when particles collide with other particles and the faster these particles are colliding, the faster the reaction will take place. This means if the particles are not colliding there will be no reaction taking place. This could mean that there isn't enough energy to break the bonds.

The effect of concentration

If a solution is more concentrated than another then there will be more or the particles, that make up the solution, in the same amount of space. This means that it is more likely for the particles to collide with the solution in the high concentrated beaker, other that in the normal beaker. The more collisions there are, in the beaker, the faster the rate of reaction will be.

The effect of temperature

The effect of temperature