Prickly Wild Rose

Rosa Acicularis

Life cycle of a rose

Rose are perennials, meaning they can grow, flower and seed for many years. Perennials grow and bloom over spring and summer, then die back in the fall and winter, and renew themselves the following spring.


Like most plants bees and butterflies are the primary source of pollination for roses.

General facts

Rosa Acicularis is an angiosperm and a dicot. It is a dicot because its petals are in groups of five, and it produces fruit.

Rosa Aicularis has high water needs.

The origin of roses is Crete, Greece.


The leaves are serrated and the leaves are opposite.
Larger stems are usually densely covered in straight spikes, young flowers are darker in color than older flowers, and the fruits are elongate and almost round.

The leaves are pinnate, and 7-14 cm long with three to seven leaflets.

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Roses have been associated with gods and saints-as a symbol of beauty, love, and protection. the roses influence has been present in lots of art, and has been ivolved one way or another in many religous beliefs and stories.

interesting fact

Since 1987 Rosa acicularis has been pictured on licence plates in the Canadian province of Alberta.

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