By: Gabrielle

Where do hippos live?

Hippo live in the western, central eastern and southern Africa because it needs to live in a dry and hot land with rivers or lakes or creeks
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What do hippos eat?

Hippos are herbivores. That means they eat plants. What hippos eat is grass and fruit. Their teeth may seem scary but it for ripping grass out off the ground and ribbing fruit off trees or bushes.
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Are hippos verterate?

Hippo are vertebrate. Vertebrate means does it have a backbone. Hippos do have backbones.
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How do hippos survive?

Hippos survive by going into water to protect their skin from the sun. They also have something called blood sweat. Blood sweat also protect hippo skin from the sun, its like sunscreen.
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Fun Facts

  • Did you know the Greeks named hippos river horses.
  • The group name for hippos is school.
  • Adult hippos can hold their breath for 30 minutes
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