Carlos Miguel Guerra Journal


Hope Journal

Personally I think having hope is good because it can help be really confident and help you in a situation. For example, the quote in "A Long Way Gone" says "If you are alive there is a hope for a better day and something good to happen". In other words, you should not give up on anything because if you do whats the point of even trying. For instance, the other quote from "A Long Way Gone" says " If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die". That shows that person has given up on everything and has no more hope. Today I hope because I want to pass and graduate and join my career that I want. I won't ever loose hope on anything.

How Ishmael Escape Death

In the story of " A Long Way Gone" Ishmael escape death multiple times in a row. For example, when he and his friends got capture on the road. Ishmael thought that it was over for him, but the rebels dint kill him. Because they want to recruit them to join them, but they din't want to. Then out of know where the rebels heard gunshots and headed there to investigate. While they were investigating Ishmael and his friends ran for their lives. Since, they where running the rebels started shooting them, but they dint hit their target. He also escape death when he was hiding in a log, and just in that moment one of the bullets all most hit Ishmael in the forehead, but it mist by a bit. Not only that when he was alone in the forest he escape death again when the wild boars were chasing him through the forest and also when he was undecided about the berries he ate were deathly or non deathly. That was impressive because he does not give up at all even thought that he could have been killed.