World Religions 1st period

By Matthew Dorrity


Christianity one of the most popular religions in all of history. The believers believe in The Father(God), Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. Some common rituals include Baptism to confess faith so that those people may enter Heaven, a wonderful place. Christians and most other people celebrate Christmas, the day Jesus was born. Overall, Christianity is a monotheistic religion in which the Holy Bible is used for guidance.


Judaism is a religion similar to Christianity, however there are some variations. Judaism is one of the world's oldest religions and it began with ancient Hebrews. Judaism is a monotheistic religion in which also the bible is used for guidance on life. Jews have similar holidays to Christianity but they also celebrate Hanukkah. In conclusion, Judaism has been around for thousands of years and it has been through many up and downs, but currently there still are millions of believers around the world.


Hinduism is a polytheistic religion that believes in samsara(Returning to life as a new form).Hindus use the sacred text of Sanatana Dharma for their teachings and they believe in karma. If you do goods things and deeds, then you will be rewarded but also vice versa. The primary location of Hindu believers is in India where there are millions of followers. There are festivals and holidays for Hindus however there can be practiced differently in different places and locations of belief.


Buddhism is a polytheistic religion that is followed by hundreds of millions of people primarily in the Asian continent. Buddhism started in the late B.C time period by a young. Indian prince. Buddhists believe that humans are bound to suffer due to the desire for things. There are some holidays Buddhists celebrate such as Songran and Buddhist New year. Buddhists believe in afterlife but it depends which kind of afterlife you have because of the people's desire for earthly things.


Islam is a monotheistic religion with an estimated billion followers worldwide. Muslims (Islam followers) believe that mankind is failing in pride and mankind. They believe that the purpose of life is to live a pleasing life to Allah(their one god) so that they may gain a peaceful afterlife in paradise. The religion is approximately a few thousand years old and the primary locations of the believers is in Asia and Africa. The founder of Islam was Muhammad and he is a prominent figure in modern religion. He has led billions of people to believe his teachings and he is an influential person on history.