Stand up for what's right.

By Zineb E.


Everyone has been bullied or bullied someone whether they realize it or not.

Most people think of physical bullying but in reality your words can hurt ten times more than your actions can. Bullying is a very serious issues for bullying can lead to people committing suicide or even being so hurt to the point that they harm themselves.


A bystander is someone who watches something happening and just watches. Sometimes this can be a good thing to be a bystander and not participate in a harmful event. All though 90% of the time this is a bad thing for sometimes not being a bystander can save lives or even be the one thing that helps someone who's just about to fall of the edge. For instance if you saw someone being bullied going and standing up for them can change a lot of things and i'm absolutely sure that that person will thank you for years to come. I know if someone stood up for me i would thank them everyday of my life even if it was someone i never meant i would silently thank them because it is so meaningful when someone stands up for you when you can't.

Words hurt

Some people really don't realize it but your words hurt. Your words can make people feel bad about themselves. Even if it's a joke it still hurts even the thought that you would joke about something like that can sometimes even mean that you truly believe in your words. For some people your words can push them off the edge. For your words can mean even more than anything. Though something to remember is you can say sorry but if your actions don't change your words are meaningless.

overcoming the bullies

There really is no other way to overcome the bullies except for staying strong and not letting people's words define you. For you are not your hair, your jeans, what brand you're wearing, how much your shoes are, how you look you are not that. You are much more underneath the skin that they all judge you for. So if you know who you truly are then don't let others words define you.