Pop Latino music Itunes

Julie Schankowitz

Type of Music

The name of my music is Loca. It is played in Latin America or Latin Europe. Today Shakira and Ricky Martin are associated with Pop Latino music.

History of the music

The music originated in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Romania, & Latin America.

Characteristics of Pop Latino

Language, Rhythm, and Call and Response are big characteristics of Pop Latino music. The normal instruments for pop latino music are the spanish guitar, accordion, bass, drums, keyboard, trumpet, trombone, piano and cowbells. The costumes that are normally long skirts and dresses for the girls, while the men wear suits. Some of the more noteable artist include Pitbull, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Luis Miguel.

Connection to dance

The dances are normally very upbeat and fast paced. The Macarena is one of the dances in pop latino.

The Music Today!

For the music as of today many well known artists' play pop latino music. Shakira, Pitbull, & Jennifer Lopez are playing pop latino music today. This popular type of music will continue to live on. Very uplifting & cheerful!