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Matthew I. Doran

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In this edition:

  • Curriculum and Instruction: CCS Social Studies Curriculum Quarterly
  • Curriculum and Instruction: MTSS Pyramid for Secondary Social Studies
  • Curriculum and Instruction: Achieve3000 Alignment Guide Updates for Grade 6-9
  • Curriculum and Instruction: Social Studies Intentional Planning Resources
  • Curriculum and Instruction: Social Studies 6 Adapted Lesson on Comparing Forms of Government
  • Curriculum and Instruction: TCI Tools for Reading Support: UPDATE
  • Curriculum and Instruction: Veterans Day
  • Professional Development: TIE IT All Together: October PD Day Presentation
  • Professional Development: TCI Ten, Tuesdays at Ten
  • Student Programs: Kids Voting Double Click Democracy Mock Election


CCS Social Studies Curriculum Quarterly

The CCS Social Studies Curriculum Quarterly provides a preview of upcoming content. Articles highlight the units, standards, TCI lessons and other resources for each core social studies class, and outline some effective instructional strategies for all courses.

The Quarter 2 edition highlights two frequently-used strategies in second quarter lessons, Response Group and Social Studies Skill Builder. Strategy correlations to each TCI lesson are included in the summary of each course content.

Access the Quarter 2 edition here.


MTSS Pyramid for Secondary Social Studies

The goal of MTSS is to increase student achievement using research-based interventions/programs matched to the instructional needs and level of the student after first assuring that we have offered a guaranteed and viable curriculum at the core instructional level. Guaranteed means that the same great instructional experiences are offered to ALL students regardless of assigned school. Viable means that the instruction teaches what it needs to teach as outlined in the state standards.

TCI's textbooks and digital programs are the Board-adopted resources for Tier 1 instruction in 6-12 social studies. TCI Program Support also provides resources for intervention, including ELA/ELD Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary toolkits.

Additionally, Achieve3000 is the Board-adopted program for intervention and literacy support support for Grades 6-9. We have recently updated the Achieve3000 Alignment Guides for Middle School and Modern World History 9.


Achieve3000 Alignment Guide Update

Achieve3000 lessons and articles provide literacy support aligned with topics in the social studies curriculum for grades 6-9. We have recently updated the Achieve3000 Alignment Guides. The Alignment Guides outline the units and sub-units from the CCS Curriculum Maps and identify articles that align with the topics. Each article is hyperlinked for quick access. Note: You will need to log-in to Achieve3000 first via CCS Clever in order to access the lessons. You may want to right click and open in a new tab to keep your place in the file. There are about 60-70 articles for each course.

The Alignment Guides are available on the Social Studies Curriculum webpage or from the links below.

Learn more about Achieve3000 at the CCS Achieve3000 webpage.


Social Studies Intentional Planning Resources

CCS Social Studies has published a new webpage featuring intentional planning resources. This page includes a planning guide and a Google Docs template teachers can use for planning purposes. You will find this page linked under the "Featured Resources" red sidebar on the Social Studies homepage.

The video below explores how to use CCS Curriculum Maps and TCI programs for intentional planning.

Social Studies Intentional Planning with TCI


Social Studies 6 Adapted Lesson on Comparing Forms of Government

To meet Ohio's Social Studies 6 standards, TCI pulls the high school lesson Comparing Forms of Government into the custom digital program. Teachers can scaffold, modify, adapt, and supplement TCI lessons as needed.

To make this lesson more accessible, CCS has created a custom version of the textbook and interactive notebook chapter that reduces the Lexile even further than the Level B reading available. These readings are in Google Docs format. While logged in with your CCS Google Account, you can access the folder here. You can then go to "File" and "Make a Copy" to make a copy in your Google Drive. Please do not request edit access to the original document.

Additional resources on forms of government identified in CCS curriculum:


          TCI Tools for Reading Support: UPDATE

          One advantage of using the digital text of History Alive! and Government Alive! is that reading support tools are built into the platform. The graphic below highlights the reading support tools.

          Previously, the Level B Reading—which reduces the Lexile level by 25 percent—was only available in middle school programs. Level B is now also available all high school programs as well.

          View the recording of all TCI Reading Support tools here.

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          Veterans Day

          Ohio Revised Code 3313.602(D) requires that each school devote at least one hour or one standard class period on or around Veterans Day, November 11, to an observance that conveys the meaning and significance of the day.

          As you discuss the significance of Veterans Day with students, consider these talking points:

          • Ask students about veterans in their own families and stories they may have heard.
          • Discuss how warfare and soldier experiences have changed over time. Technology has changed the nature of warfare in the 21st century (e.g., drone strikes) and communication between the war front and home front.
          • Use the K-W-L model to guide discussion of war, military experiences, and postwar life for veterans.
          • Discuss the value of the Selective Service System vs. an all-volunteer army. Although the Selective Service System remains in place, the U.S. has relied on all-volunteer armed forces since the end of the Vietnam War.

          Teaching resources include:

          TCI Lessons on military strategies and war:

          • Social Studies 6 - Lesson 10. Exploring Four Empires of Mesopotamia
          • Social Studies 7 - Lesson 4. Fighting the Greco-Persian Wars; Lesson 10. From Republic to Empire
          • Social Studies 8 - Lesson 7. The American Revolution; Lesson 12. Foreign Affairs in the Young Nation
          • World History 9 - Lesson 19. Imperialism Throughout the World; Lesson 20. World War I
          • American History 10 - Lesson. 19. Foreign Policy: Setting a Course of Expansionism; Lesson 20. The Spanish-American War; Lesson 21. Acquiring and Managing Global Power; Lesson 22. From Neutrality to War; Lesson 23. The Course and Conduct of World War I
          • American Government - Lesson 17. Creating American Foreign Policy
          • Global Issues - Lesson 14. The New Geopolitics


          TIE IT All Together: October PD Day Presentation

          The Social Studies recorded videos from the October 21 PD Day are available on this YouTube Playlist. This is a three-part presentation, with each video about 10 minutes in length.

          These presentations highlight our three Points of Emphasis for 2022-2023: Transfer, Inquiry, and Engagement. These points bring together macro- and micro-level thinking about how we deliver social studies instruction to prepare students for success in college, career, and civic life. The presentations include both the philosophical ideas and the practical tools for accomplishing this mission—with emphasis on our TCI program adoption for Tier 1 instruction.

          While these presentations help to ground us in the present and shape the future, we all understand the importance of seeing the connections in the past-present-future continuum. From Audit (1999) to Audit (2020) and beyond, our aim in CCS Social Studies has been to provide high quality instructional strategies, resources, and professional development. We have used internally developed lessons, curated resources, and TCI's History Alive! activities over the past 20+ years. Although the social studies curriculum was awarded 18/18 points in the 2020 Audit, we continued to reflect, refine, and revise the work. In 2021, the textbook adoption committee recommended—and the Board of Education adopted—TCI's core programs to provide us with the tools to operationalize the written curriculum. Of course, we understand the true operationalization of printed curriculum happens in the classroom with the taught curriculum, where teachers make history, government, and geography come alive.

          Only a group of history teachers can appreciate the history of a history curriculum.

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          TCI Ten, Tuesdays at Ten

          At 10:00 a.m. on Tuesdays, we release a new video focused on the TCI approach and digital platform tools on the CCS Social Studies YouTube channel.

          So far this year our videos have covered:

          Upcoming videos will include:

          • Writing and Performance Task Assessments
          • Gamification with TCI
          • TCI PDF Toolkits

          If you have ideas for topics, please let us know. Also, we would like to begin incorporating testimonials and tips from CCS social studies teachers into our videos. Contact Matt Doran if you would like to be included.


          Learn TCI at Your Own Pace



          Kids Voting Double Click Democracy Mock Election

          Kids Voting Ohio will sponsor the 2022 Double Click Democracy Mock Election. For schools that have opted-in to participate, Library Media Specialists will receive access codes and log-in directions during the week of October 24.

          Online access will be available starting October 28 and continuing until election day, November 8. (Note that November 8 is a PD day). A sample ballot will also be sent to schools the week of October 24.

          Ballot access will be provided through a custom link and also available via Clever.

          As you prepare to teach about the election, you can use the Mock Election Prep Packets here: