Animal Farm

Taylor Marcello

Novel Genres

Animal Fable

A tale that includes animals with human characteristics that often teaches a moral lesson


Communist Russia- The Animal Farm itself represents the Communists of Russia

Tyrannical Government- The pigs in "Animal Farm" represents the Tyrants in their Government


Uses humor to expose human weaknesses

Chapter Summary

Chapter 1

1. Mr. Jones is introduced as a alcoholic farmer

2. Old Major has a dream, witch he informs the other animals about

3. Old Major gives the animals hope to rebel against humans

4. The animals plan for a revolution

Chapter 2

1. Old Major dies 3 days after his speech is given

2. Farmer Jones comes back drunk and forgets to feed the animals

3. The animals bust into the storage house to get food

4. The humans are chases off the farm

Chapter 3

1. The green flag is finally flown

2. The pigs begin education systems for the other animals

3. Squealer convinces the others that only the pigs need apples

4. The young begin to be educated

Chapter 4

1. The humans decide to try to take back the farm

2. Battle of Cowshed takes place

3. The humans are once again kicked off the farm

4. Funerals are held and medals are given to brave animals in the battle

Chapter 5

1. Snowball and Napoleon start to turn against each other

2. The idea of a windmill for the farm comes about

3. Voting rights for the animals are taken away, only pigs make decisions

4. The animals are angry by this decision but don't know how to react

Chapter 6

1. The animals began to work 60 hours a week

2. Trading with humans starts to get money for the windmill

3. A bad storm hits the farm in the process of the windmill being built

4. The windmill is destroyed and the blame is put on Snowball

Chapter 7

1. Winter hits, crops begin to stop growing

2. The hens go on strike and prevent the laying of eggs

3. All animals affiliated with Snowball are hunted down and executed

4. An amendment is changed to: no animal can will another animal without proper cause

Chapter 8

1. Napoleon begins make himself look like a king

2. Battle of Windmill takes place

3. The animals see the men taking down the windmill and grow in-raged

4. The battle is won, and the pigs begin to start drinking alcohol

Character Symbolism


Snowball symbolizes Leon Trotsky witch was the leader of the Red Army.


Napoleon symbolizes Joseph Stalin, or the new revolutionary order in charge

Old Major

Old Major symbolizes Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the 1917 revolution.


Mollie represents Russia's wealthy class, as Mollie like luxury things and did not like to fight.


Benjamin represents the old population of Russia, and dose not do anything during the revolution because he believes the farm will never change whoever's in charge.


Boxer represents the working class of Russia during the revolution.


Clover represents the people that remember the times before the revolution, but cannot do anything to help it.


Moses symbolizes the Patriarch (or the leader) of the Russian Orthodox. He is also described as as a snitch .


Squealer symbolizes the official newspaper of the Soviet government. Squealer fits this because hes the one that spreads all of Napoleon's whereabouts.


Muriel represents the educated working class of Russia.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones symbolizes the last Czar of Russia, Nicholas the second.

Mr. Frederick

Mr. Frederick represents Hitler and the Nazi army, always competing with Animal Farm

Mr. Pilkington

Mr. Pilkington symbolizes with the prime minister of England, as sated in the book, he becomes allies with Animal Farm.

Mr. Whymper

Mr. Whymper represented the outsiders, and supported the Animal Farm revolution.


The sheep represent those who had little understanding of the situation, and chose to blindly follow their government.


The Dogs symbolize the Soviet secret police, as in animal farm they carried out Napoleon's every order.


The ducklings represent the peasants of Russia on Animal Farm


"Beasts of England"

On the Animal Farm, the song "Beasts of England was very significant in the revolution, for it was this song that motivated to stand up and fight for freedom.


Corruption of Socialists Ideals in the Soviet Union

The socialists never worked out in Russia or the Animal Farm situation either. Ironic how they fought against something and ended up turning into it

Societal Tendency toward Class Stratification

The different classes were mixed up onto whose side they were on, whether it be government or rebels

The Danger of a Naive Working Class

The working class began to loss track over time on what was right ans what was wrong after they realized that the country was turning into what they fought against

Abuse of Language as Instrumental to the Abuse of Power

The power went to Stalin and Napoleon's head. They abused their power, and became what they were trying to defeat in the end.
Top 10 Notes: Animal Farm