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Tuesday, August 18

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Weekly Update from Superintendent Dr. Marlon King

My actions speak louder than my words

I quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson during my Welcome Ceremony and he said, "What you do speaks so loudly until I cannot hear what you say." This quote resonates with me. As I have shared, I am a person of few words and lots of action. I have told my team and even the media, that I am not the person who wants to be in front of the camera nor making statements all the time. I like to model President Abraham Lincoln's leadership, I like to be amongst the ones on the frontline where the real work is happening, and as you can see, I am making every effort to do so. If you can recall, one of the reasons I reorganized the organizational structure was to allow me to be on the ground to listen and learn about the strengths and areas to strengthen in our school system. It isn't easy trying to lead an organization when I am not aware of what is happening. Over the last 45 days, we have accomplished a lot. With the new organizational structure that allows me to be more engaged with the community and schools, I am confident that we will achieve even more and become that bright light that I keep talking about.

The Pivot to distance learning

Our Senior Leadership Team (principals) met bright and early Friday morning to discuss innovative and creative approaches with the shift to distance learning. I am thankful for the leadership they each bring to the table as they lead their schools in this unprecedented time. With this team, we will win!
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Connecting with faith-based entities for childcare support

I am making an effort to connect with faith-based leaders to see how we can partner together to provide childcare for those families who need it until students are back in our buildings. A little history lesson: schools actually grew out of the church originally, so this is essentially a move back to the origin of the school as we know it.

Road show highlights

We are having a blast with the Superintendent's Back to School Road Show! So far, we've visited South, South Side, Andrew Jackson, Thelma Barker, Northeast, East, Nova, Isaac Lane, JCT, North Parkway, Madison, JCM Early College High, Lincoln, and Arlington.
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This process has been so humbling. We went to encourage, and instead, we have been encouraged by the motivation and excitement at each building!

Community partnerships

I am thankful for how the Jackson community has welcomed me with open arms. From the county commission meeting to being inducted into the Jackson Tennessee Rotary Club, it has been a full week. I look forward to serving as a faithful community member here in Jackson. I have been overwhelmed with support and so many positive calls, texts, emails, and engagement. I'm reminded that "fear not" or "be afraid" is quoted 365 times! What is that telling us? JMCSS will win!
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