Having a farmer life

In colonial Virginia

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My tobacco farm

I had a little tobacco farm but I had enough to buy things, chew some, and to give some to England.
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My herd

I have little sheep but that is because I need some for wool and some yummy sheep stew mmmmm.
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My beautiful sounding cello

This is my smooth cello. Well I am okay with it my mum taught me until she passed by malaria when I was 7. My dad passed last month by age. So I just play what I have learned. I think I am pretty good but not great.
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My little brown house

This is the out side of my house. It is small but at least it is enough for me,my sheep which is in the backyard and all my belongings.
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My dashing horse

My horse is a fast gorgeous horse. My dad gave it to me before he died. I called it Shane. Shane roams around with my sheep. When I go to the silversmith I take out Shane and ride down the street and get spoons and other silver things.

By Brayden L