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A Message from Mrs. Fockler, Principal

August 21, 2020

Dear Lewistown Families,

Classroom assignment letters have been sent and more information about Schoology student codes and schedules will arrive shortly after! We are packing Learning Kits for students and preparing our virtual school house. Excitement is growing here in Lewistown!

Throughout the summer, we have tried to keep you as informed as possible with multiple communications regarding our virtual launch. This year is a year like no other, but that does not lessen the dedication the LES Staff has to every one of our students and families!

Our staff wants each family to know how much we miss our students and are looking forward to the day when we can all be together again safely. Stay tuned to your email for more information in the form of our TIGER Times Newsletters, letters from your child's teacher and Find Out First announcements. The LES website is also a source of updates and information: LES Website.

We are looking forward to seeing our young Lewistown Tigers virtually at our Meet the Teacher sessions on Friday, August 28th!

Together in heart and mind,

Mrs. Belinda Fockler, principal



Principal Fockler Back to School - August

Lewistown Important Dates and Reminders

Important Dates:

Thursday, August 27th:

Home Learning Kits:

Drive Through material distribution of materials will be held Thursday, August 27th:

8:30 - 11:00

1:00 - 3:00

4:00 - 6:00

* Please stay in your car and follow appropriate CDC guidelines.

Thursday, August 27th and Friday, August 28th:

Parent Optional Schoology Sessions with Ms. Jozwiak:

Ms. Jozwiak will be providing optional training sessions for Schoology in our LES Learning Lab:

Thursday 8/27: 6:15-7:00

Friday 8/28: 4:15-5:00

To join, go to and enter: LEWES-Lab

Take a look at the FCPS Resources to help you get started here.

Friday, August 28th:

Learning Lab:

The Virtual Learning Lab will be available for family practice during the day on August 28 from 10:00 - 4:00. Go to and enter LEWES-Lab. If you have trouble connecting, please send an email to or call the front office.

Friday, August 28th:

Virtual Meet the Teacher:

Teachers are excited to invite students and parents to a Virtual Meet the Teacher! Sessions will be held on Friday, August 28th at 10 am or 3 pm (pick one time). You will learn more about the teacher, the virtual platform- Schoology, curriculum and classroom expectations. You will see your class codes in the Back-to-School Letter.

For students and parents to be able to join the google meeting rooms on August 28th, you'll need to be logged into the google chrome browser with your child's FCPS account. As a security precaution when using a google meet nickname, only FCPS staff and students can join. See your Schoology login information for your username and password. This will be provided during the drive through Learning Kit Pick-Up (see below).

  • Students (or for parents to be able to join using their child's FCPS account) will need to be logged into a Chrome browser with the student's FCPS account
  • Directions are located on the left side of this page on how to set that up with your child
  • Passcodes will be distributed during our LES Learning Kit Pick-up

Lewistown Reminders:


Find Out First - This will be the main form of communication this year. All guardian email addresses are automatically uploaded to Find Out First at the start of the school year. If you change your email address at any point, please notify our school office so you will continue to get Find Out First notifications.

Twitter- Please follow our school on twitter at @LESFCPS.

TIGER Times- This newsletter is full of important information for the school year.

LES School Website- School updates and resources are available on our website.

Technology Deployment: We are working to fulfill technology needs on Thursday, August 27th during the LES Home Learning Kit Pick-Up.

Teacher Assignments, Schedules and Schoology Codes:

These were sent out this week. You will be receiving 2 letters from Lewistown Elementary School. You will first receive teacher assignment letters. A second letter will be arriving with Schoology codes and schedules for your students. Please contact the front office if you have not received them by Thursday, August 27th.


We took great care to review all feedback provided and create school specific schedules which honored the priorities identified by students, families and staff. We know individual family schedules will differ and flexibility is critical to ensuring all students can successful engage in virtual learning.

With this in mind, we have planned for:

  • most virtual live teaching to occur earlier in the school day
  • sessions will be recorded so they can be viewed/accessed at a later time if/when needed
  • student support time is built into every school day
  • student work time can be flexible and fit into each individual family’s schedule at the time(s) which is most convenient
  • afterschool and weekend opportunities will be available for students to connect with staff members if/when needed

In the mailing sent this week, general student schedules were included for your child's grade level. The schedules are also linked below:

We will be phasing in a full daily virtual schedule. Classroom teachers will be adding more blocks as we move through the first two weeks of school. Classroom teachers will also be sharing more specific and individualized weekly schedules of assignments to help you plan for your child's learning at home. This will be shared during your Virtual Meet the Teacher on Friday, August 28th.

Kindergarten Staggered Start

Monday, August 31st - First Day of Virtual Learning in FCPS

  • K - Staggered Start Group #1

Tuesday, September 1st

  • K - Staggered Start Group #2

Wednesday, September 2nd

  • K - Staggered Start Group #3

Thursday, September 3rd and Friday, September 4th

  • K - ALL Students

*Kindergarten families were emailed this information.

FCPS Food & Nutrition Services Providing “to-go” Meals

Read more about how to qualify for free or reduced meals!

FARM Applications

All students will receive a paper application in their Home Learning Kits that are to be picked up at the school Thursday August 27. If you are unable to complete the application online, please complete the paper application and return it to the school. You can return it in person, fax it to (240)236-3751 or scan and email the application to

Starting Monday August 31st, meals will be provided from 11am-1pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays using the following schedule. Meals will be provided based on a student’s eligibility.

FCPS Food and Nutrition Services will provide "to-go" breakfast and lunch at 26 schools under the National School Breakfast Program (NSBP) and the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Meals will be provided based on a student's eligibility. This means that students who qualify for free meals will get their meals for free. Students who qualify for reduced price meals will get their meals at the reduced price. Students who do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals will pay full price for their meals. (All information can be found at

Thursday, August 27th: Back- 2- School LES Home Learning Kits Pick Up!

We are happy to provide Home Learning Kits for our students for virtual learning! These resources will be needed to support and enhance instruction.

Other materials will include:

  • Yearbooks (if they were ordered)
  • Calendars
  • Office forms
  • Chromebooks/ Hot Spots (ordered via survey or requests)

Drive Through material distribution of materials will be held Thursday, August 27th: 8:30 - 11:00, 1:00 - 3:00 and 4:00 - 6:00. Please stay in your car and follow appropriate CDC guidelines.

We look forward to see our LES families and students!

Please call the front office if you are unable to come during these scheduled times.

A Message from Ms. MacKay, LES Coordinator of Specialized Programs

The Pyramid Pointer

School time is approaching!

Schedules are coming, phone calls will be made to develop relationships, establish times for related service providers, along with learning a new platform to access distance learning… it will be coming and we will be incrementally transitioning into what will be a stellar year. But please remember one of the main emphasis is on self-care and social emotional learning (SEL).

If your child or you as a guardian/parent become frustrated ….it’s ok to …PAUSE! We can help ourselves and our children best by ensuring a steady flow of oxytocin…. Oxytocin calms the brain and allows us to learn.

Make it a point to spread some oxytocin throughout your day: laugh, play, listen and connect with your children, loved ones and friends, so that they are ready and of course, keep YOURSELF laughing and playing, too. 240-236-3704

-Meghan MacKay, Coordinator of Specialized Programs


The Lewistown Elementary School Learning Community will strive to promote academic success in order to reach our full potential and strengthen our future. Everyone’s unique qualities will be celebrated and valued, and together we will Learn, Excel, and Succeed!

Lewistown Elementary School

Mrs. Belinda Fockler- Principal

Ms. Meghan MacKay- Special Education Coordinator

Mrs. Kimberly Little- Secretary

Mrs. Stacy Bokinsky- School Counselor