7th Grade Year

Hannah Hulse

English- Mrs. Marshall

English class was adventurous this year. Mrs. Marshall did many different activities that helped us learn how to do certain things and have so much fun while doing the activity she chose to do. Mrs. Marshall is always so sweet and caring! Next year I won't have her as a teacher, but I will definitely talk to her when I see her in the hallways.

Reading- Mrs. Conway

Reading this year was a lot of fun with Mrs. Conway. She thought of fun ways to teach our lessons. Mrs. Conway made us prepared for the STAAR test, we had a notebook FULL of notes that we needed to know to be successful for the test. If you ever had a bad day as soon as you walk into her room, her smile would bright up the room and make you feel so much better. I will never forget the crazy things she did when she was having a great day.

Science- Ms. Hand

Science this year was great. My favorite thing we did was the science fair. My favorite part about the science fair was not only getting to do my project, but getting to see what other people did for their projects. Ms. Hand was very explanatory and she always did hands-on projects so we understood the process better.

Math- Coach Soliz

Math can get very difficult sometimes. Coach Soliz was always here early almost every morning. If we were stuck on any problem, he was willing to help us solve the problem without losing his patience. Being a coach and a teacher at the same time can get very difficult with having to leave for games or track meets. I appreciate Coach Soliz and everything he does.

Texas History- Coach Torres

Coach Torres made Texas History interesting. My personal favorite things we learned about were The Civil War and The Alamo. Those were the most interesting things that I liked to learn about. We did many activities that went along with our lesson at the time. Sometimes for our activities we would either go to the gym or to the elementary playground.

Technology- Mrs. Jones

Technology this year was a blast! All of the things we have done this year will apply to things further into the future. I love how she always has a positive attitude towards everything she does. Everyday as I walked into the room, she always had a smile across her face and greeted everyone who entered her room. Technology with Mrs. Jones this year is going to be unforgettable.

Athletics- Coach King, Coach Elam, Coach Carpenter, and Coach Legan

My first year of athletics was so much fun. I can't believe how fast it went from season to season. All of the coaches pushed me to do the best I could. When I gave up on something they knew I could do, they would help me succeed. For example, I never thought that I would be good at shot put, but at district, I came out with 3rd place because every day they made us go out there and practice. All of our work has paid off this year in athletics.

Band- Ms. Weisgerber and Mr. Glaze

This year in band, Ms. Weisgerber loved to play around with us. She put lots of time into helping us succeed as our contest. All of our hard work paid off because at our Band Festival in Abernathy, we came out with a sweepstakes. Not only do you have to work hard, but it also takes lots of team work and effort. Ms. Weisgerber and Mr. Glaze have done a great job helping us learn that it takes team work to get what you want.