disabled people memorial

by kaylin nienhuser


I want a memorial for people that aren't like all the rest. they have challenges but that doesn't make them any less human though. There are thousands of disabled people everywhere that I think deserve some remembrance. they go through life stronger than most of us and there should be something special for them.


this effect their friends and families. it also effect the people that judge the disabled. if they got this they cant judge them anymore because they have something special and it can show people they are just like us with a small difference that shouldn't matter.


there should be a memorial for this because they are fighters that deserve something great. a place where people can see how much a disabled persons life was related to their own but they had something different. that place can honor their differences and not be judge for who they are. this memorial can be a place where disable people can feel special about who they are and realize they aren't he only ones who go through what they are going through.


it should be should be somewhere near a football field. it should be here because some may wish to do something like swim, play football or any sport but they cant without a struggle. it should be in this place because it would help some people remember that they couldn't do everything we could and we take it those abilities for granted.


my goal is that these people have a special place that's meant for them. a place where average people can go and realize that there were things in disabled peoples life they couldn't do that they wish they could so people without disabilities will people will treat them less harshly and not judge them. its a goal where the world is a better place because disabled people will feel a great special and not a different special.


I want a copper or metal statue of someone in a wheel chair right in the center of it all. I want it to be as big as a grown man on a 3 foot metal box. there is going to be small lights on the ground shining on it and it is going to be surrounded in a small patch of flowers.

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