Hitler Youth

By: Aleena S. and Connor C.

Question 1

Explain what intrigued Hitler to start the Hitler Youth.

The reason Hitler did this was to:

Get people more interested in keeping him in power. People would see the program as a program for children and say..... " Oh he's involving the children in activities and they love it!" Then they'll want him to stay in power!

Question 2

Explain, why Hitler chose to make children fight in the war? Why not use his own adult army?

He chose to send the boys ,13 or older to fight . He chose to do this because his own Nazis were being killed and the ones who weren't in war, were guarding the concentration camps.

Question 3

Describe , why did the Nazis burned the evidence of Hitler Youth? War and crimes they forced the children commit?

They chose to do this because if the Americans caught them making the children do these horrible things to the Jews. The Americans would hunt them down until they were no longer any more.

Question 4

List how many boys Hitler sent in to fight against the soviets forces in 1945?

5,000 boys and a few girls fought against the soviets and most ended up dead or injured. Most of the kids didn't want to fight, they were forced to go against their will.


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