Tech Tuesday

Websites that Wow!


This website is a fabulous find and the students LOVE it! It will not only engage and entertain your students...but it can be very informative for you as the teacher. It is basically a student response system that can be used on any device along with your projector in class. It is free to use once you create a teacher account. You have the option to create your own quiz or use one of thousands already made. Take a look at the attached tutorial and give it a try! It is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
Kahoot! Gamify Your Class
5 Minute Guide to Kahoot

How can I use Kahoot in the Classroom?

1. Pretest - see how much your students know before you start the unit

2. Daily Review - see how much info your students absorbed during the lesson

3. Pop Quiz - see how much students have learned so far

4. Unit Review - so much more fun than a worksheet...and they will want to do it twice.'s competitive because of the leaderboard. HA! They will be studying and not even realize it. Isn't that awesome?

5. Whatever you can imagine!

Kahoot Chat with Deb
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THERE ARE OVER 4,389,000 ALREADY MADE...check them out...and USE them!

Did I mention...?

Did I mention that you can upload pictures or video clips for your questions? This makes it perfect for little people...or big people who need that little extra hook. It is SO easy to do it too.
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Let Me Hear From You...

If you are wanting to spice things up a bit...but need a little help....let me know. We will look at what you are teaching and find the perfect technology twist for you and your students. I will even come and help you make that happen! Let me hear from you...