2019 San Angelo Ag Mech Show

Plano FFA


2019 San Angelo Ag Mech Itinerary

Students and projects travel will be provided by PISD to the show. Unless parental transportation was pre arranged.

February 3, Sunday

7:00 am Leave barn for San Angelo

9:00 am - 5:00 pm Ag Mechanics Projects Arrive

8:00 pm Eat Dinner

10:30 pm Arrive at hotel

February 4, Monday

8:30 am Arrive at show

9:00 am Judging Begins

5:00 pm Eat dinner

8:00 pm Back at hotel

10:00 pm Lights out

February 5, Thursday

8:30 am Arrive at Show

9:00 am Results Begins

10:00 am Projects Release Begins

12:00 pm Projects Must be out

10:00 am - 12:00 pm Depart for Plano

Students are responsible to pay for meals, souvenirs, and any other entertainment so remember to bring money.

During the entire trip students are expected to act in accordance with the Plano FFA Personal Conduct Agreement as well as the Plano ISD Code of Conduct. Failure to do so will result in parents being contacted to take students back from San Antonio immediately.


During the show

-Hair: Should be fixed nicely. Color should be natural. NO HATS!

-Shirt: Collared shirt. Tucked into your jeans.

-Belt: Plain leather or covered in bling, whatever fits your personality.

-Jeans: No holes. No skinny jeans.

-Shoes: Boots or Sperrys. Do not tuck into jeans.

Away from the show

All during the trip clothing should be school appropriate

Remind 101

For updates send @mechshow to 81010

Hotel Information



SAN ANGELO TX 76901-5625



Cost Prepaid

What Happens During the Show

Students will wear nice shop appropriate clothing during the show. (no holes in jeans)

Students will enter a project and compete against similar projects as their own

Projects will be judged on craftsmanship and showmanship

Showmanship- During the Students will discuss with the judge the building process of their project.

Students will also turn in a book with plans and bill of materials (will be provided)

Prizes are awarded for how well you show your project! So come ready to talk to people

Craftsmanship- Projects are judged on

Workmanship: 50 points

Sound structural design and balance: 30 points

Practical utility and material suited for project: 10 points

Ribbons- awarded ribbons based the “grade” the judge gives the project on the above requirements.

Blue- A - B+

Red- B – C

White- F


If you have any questions please contact me at joseph.molina@pisd.edu

Showmanship? What's Showmanship?

At the show the judge come up to every student and basically as "Tell me a little about your project"

Information you could tell him about

-Type of materials

-What different machines you had to use

-What were the steps to building your projects

-General dimensions of your project and specific cuts you made

Your student will have a book at the show that has all of this information in it that the judge may review. To get familiar with the information I have attached a link below.


Plano FFA Follows the UIL Eligibility Guidelines

Courses that do not count against eligibility: any AP class, Pre AP, Honors & Pre-Cal

Plano ISD Barn

6600 Alma Drive

Plano, Tx 75023

Student vehicles can be left at the project center for the duration of show. Vehicles will be parked in the western most parking lot

Permission Slips

Entering the San Angelo Stock Show

Tuesday, November 6th

6:30 PM

Plano Senior High School

Parent AND student must be present.

Entries fees are paid in full and in EXACT cash or check made out to 'Plano FFA' broken up for each show. You will pay for each show at a different station. Change can not be made.

Please have hotel money and entry fee money separated out

Entry Fee- Cash or Check

Hotel Fee Cash

Social security number MUST be provided.

San Angelo

Entry Fee: $30

Hotel: $78/student

Processing Fee - $2

Total: $110