Kelsy's Home Remedies

Module 12 Lesson 1 Mastery Assignment

What do we sell?

At Kelsy's Home Remedies, we sell anything you could ever need to cure any ailment. We have herbs, vitamins, and teas. We also offer certain treatments, such as acupuncture and physical therapy. We have licensed physical therapist and acupuncturist at our shop.

Why did I choose a sole proprietorship?

I chose this type of business, because I wanted to create a business of my own. This type of business has many advantages.

- Easiest form of business to set up.

- Can start whenever I want

- I receive all profits

- I can make decisions quickly, without having to consult others.

How will I overcome the disadvantages I will face?

In a sole proprietorship I am financially responsible for all the debts of my business. To prevent going into debt I will budget myself. Many people who start as sole proprietor have trouble getting money to help the business grow, but I will do many fundraisers to help raise money for my business.
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How do I manage my employee's feelings and concerns?

My employee's feelings and concerns are very important to me. I treat everyone the same, and my employee's hours are equal, with alternating weekends.

Does my business have a labor union?

No, my business does not have a labor union, because I do not see it as a necessity.

How does my business help the community?

My business helps the community by helping the community heal by natural medicines. We also recycle, and disposed of used needles properly. We also host blood donations with the red cross.