RMS Weekly Event Calendar

January 30 - February 3

John F. Kennedy's inspirational speech: "We choose to go to the Moon."

What's going on this week!

This weekend I had the opportunity to see the movie, Hidden Figures. It was a fabulous movie about three brilliant African-American women who worked with NASA during the 1960's to help launch astronaut, John Glenn, into space. This historic event was pivotal to the U.S. Space program and brought renewed confidence in our country as we competed with the Soviet Union in the Space Race.

There were many inspirational points within the movie; however, the one that stood out the most was the above speech by President Kennedy. His powerful speech promoted the quest for continued knowledge and discovery. He encouraged his country to strive to reach things that we once thought impossible, to seek progress, and to achieve grand goals. Even though there were those that didn't understand the importance of space exploration or going to the moon, President Kennedy knew that it was more than that. He knew that progress would happen in the world and we could either join in that progress or be left behind. He realized the future and success of our country depended upon our ability to keep up and move forward.

President Kennedy understood that reaching the moon would not be easy, but he believed that we could achieve this lofty goal. He acknowledged that we would have to stretch beyond anything we had achieved in the past to make it happen. He realized it would take effort, energy, and time to achieve, but ultimately, it would be worth it!

As I have heard many times, "If it was easy, anyone could do it." I believe, at Russellville Middle School, we are not just "anyone". We are a group of committed, forward thinking, talented, educators who don't look at a challenge as a reason to give up, but rather, as an opportunity to achieve a goal that we may not have originally believed possible.

What do you choose to do? As for me, I choose to go to the moon and believe we can get there. I hope all of you will go with me!

Let's reach for the stars this week at RMS!

Monday, January 30

  • FBLA Meeting - 7th period during mentoring.

Tuesday, January 31

  • No known activities

Wednesday, February 1

  • Student Support Team Meetings (Science, Math, Social Studies, English) - Mrs. Bates classroom - During instructional periods.

Thursday, February 2

  • National Junior Honor Society Induction Practice - 7th Period

Friday, February 3

  • National Junior Honor Society Induction - RHS Auditorium - 8:30 a.m.