AIS Friday Flash

Friday, September 18, 2020

Spanish Heritage Month

This month, we celebrate and honor Spanish Heritage month and kicked it off with a celebration of Mexico's Independence Day! We have shared some pictures of the great student work. To see how you can celebrate in Austin virtually, explore here and make sure to check out ¡VIVA MÉXICO! presented by Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center which hosted events beginning this last Wednesday and continuing through the weekend.

Health and Safety Protocol Family Acknowledgement Form

All members of the AIS community—teachers, students, and their families—have an essential role to play in protecting the health and safety of one another. In order to return to campus, all families are required to sign the Health and Safety Protocol Family Acknowledgement Form which outlines the conditions under which you agree to send your child(ren) to campus. Please bring the signed form to campus on Monday. We will strictly—and without exception—hold families to this agreement, so please ensure that you, your family, and any caretakers for your child(ren) have read this document carefully. If you have any questions about the content of this document, please reach out to Jacques. You may review his community letter here.

PikMyKid Drop-off & Pick-Up Reminders

Thank you for registering in the PikMyKid App, which we all will be utilized in full force on Monday! Please also take some time to click on the student calendar icon to assign pickup responsibilities, which may be modified by the month, day, or week. All delegated pick up individuals will need to use PikMyKid to announce their arrival in the afternoons. You may refer to the prior Friday Flashes for the links and instructions, but here are a few reminders:

Masks & Physical Distancing

All students, family members, and staff must wear a 2-3 ply face mask while on campus grounds. Students and family members should remain 6' apart from other non-household members when walking on campus, referring to the footstep mats along the paths and indoor floor stickers for spacing.

Car Tags

  • Beginning Monday please insert your laminated car tag in the front passenger window and on the passenger visor for both morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up to aid our staff and volunteers. If you have changed pickup mode (and thereby need another color), you may still use the issued car tags in the meantime. Email April with any car tag questions.
Backpack Hang Tags

Please make sure all students have their backpack hangtag visible on the outside of their backpack to aid our staff and volunteers in directing students to the correct class entrances.


You may log into PikMyKid in the mornings from home before you leave the house or when you arrive on campus by hitting the blue "Check-In" button in the upper left corner to complete the daily required Health Questionnaire for each student. (You DO NOT announce in the mornings).

  • CP and up students will be dropped off under the portico
  • Maternelle families will drive through the portico (or stop to drop off siblings first), then drive and park on the east parking lot, and walk students to their external classroom entrances.

Afternoon Pick-Up

In the afternoons, you will utilize the "Announce" feature in PikMyKid but ONLY as you arrive first in line at the Coronet driveway (whether coming at regular pickup time or during afterschool). You will see a large red and white stop sign that says "Announce Now"

  • CP and up students will be picked up at the portico
  • Maternelle families will drive through the portico (or stop to pick up siblings first), then park on the east parking lot, and walk to get students from their external classroom exits.

One Way Campus via Right Turn Only on Coronet

Please remember, entrance on campus is ONE WAY ONLY. We ask that you DO NOT enter from Amherst. Please enter through the back of the neighborhood on Cassady and turn right (only) in the rear driveway on Coronet.

Patience and Speed Limit

Please keep in mind that this app is new to all of us and there are bound to be a few hiccups for teachers, staff, and parents over the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience as we learn the new processes together. We will continue to update you with any modifications in timing or procedures if needed. Thank you for also being mindful of the 5 mile an hour speed limit. We will have a lot more vehicle and foot traffic around our campus now. Thank you for keeping an eye out for the safety of our students and each other.

  • If you are having trouble with the app itself, you may contact the PikMyKid help desk directly at or (813)-864-7627.
  • If you have questions about processes, changing student records, or administrative features, feel free to reach out to April for help.

Afterschool Care Program

We are excited to host our students who are enrolled in our after school care program (ASC) after the school day ends at 3:45. Students will then be dismissed into ASC but will remain with the same class cohorts (not mixed with other grades). Students will be in the auditorium, foyer, or in the Maternelle mini gym, but split up by divided stations by class as shown in some of the pictures below. Older students will have their own desks spaced 6' apart and younger students will be at 6' tables with plexi in-between.

Students will be able to work on homework, do some activities independently, or be guided by a specialist and will also have an outdoor recess session on separate sections on the playground with other students from their class. Additionally, each afterschool space has 1-2 large medical grade Hepa air filters in the rooms to filter, circulate, and clean the air. Students won't be able to share materials, but will have designated activity kits with a variety of toys, crafts, and games to use for the day which will be thoroughly disinfected and sanitized before rotated to another student the next day. Students are encouraged to bring additional books or materials from home to use during this time.

Pickup for ASC will take place under the portico for CP and up students after announcing in the PikMyKid app. For Maternelle, parents will announce in the app and then park and walk to their external classroom door to be met by an Activities Specialist for dismissal.

No Daily ASC Drop-Ins

Because of the additional space limitations and enhanced COVID protocols, AIS cannot accommodate drop-in daily ASC as we will not be able to sufficiently plan for varying student participation and necessary spacing and staffing. If you need afterschool care, please email April & Jhino to sign up for the flat-rate program by Monday, 9/21 at noon. However, you may sing up by semester, as we may be able to modify plans over the course of the year.

Middle School

All middle school students must be picked up by 3:45 or registered for the ASC flat rate program. They will not be able to remain unsupervised on campus after the regular school day ends. Please email April & Jhino to register if/as needed.

New Faces

Join me in welcoming Tristan, Dana, Hannah, and Sydney, joining Joel and Mr. Jhino to our Extracurricular Programs team.

Safety Patrol Volunteers Needed

We will need several parent volunteers daily in the mornings and afternoons for drop-off and pick-up, especially for the first few weeks as we all get used to the new procedures. These shifts will be socially distanced stations outside of the building to help direct students safely to their outside class entrances. Click here for our Volunteer Sign-Up Page and for Safety Patrol here. Keep in mind, that our volunteers need a current background check. You may find the form here. Please fill it out (less the bottom 4 sections) and return via a sealed envelope to April's attention and drop it off the first week of school or scan or take a picture and send via email.

​Prepare for On-Campus Learning

Hopefully, you are all as excited as we are to welcome students back to campus next week. We understand that with the excitement, may come a little trepidation and concern as well. We feel this too, but we are confident in our protocols and so enthusiastic about moving forward to continue our partnership with each and every one of you. In the hardest of times, it is through strength and commitment as a community that we can strive ahead. We sincerely thank you for your continued commitment to AIS. We are committed to you and to making this year a remarkable one! We thank you for continuing to talk with students over the weekend to prepare them about new routines and protocols like expectations for physical distancing, wearing masks, and proper handwashing.

First Day of On-Campus Learning-Mon., 9/21

We can’t wait to see you all back on campus on Monday, September 21st!

Room Parent Virtual Coffee-Tue., 9/24 9:30 - 10:30

Each year Room Parents help provide support to the class teachers, the school, and the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Volunteering as a Room Parent will look a bit different this year, but will include disseminating reminders (from school & PTO updates found in the Friday Flash) to the other class parents, reinforcing class and teacher needs, and updating parents with other school information regularly. The PTO will also host a virtual Room Parent Coffee on September 24th from 9:30 - 10:30 am to share more details about what it means to be a Room Parent and how you can help. If you are already on board, feel free to sign up here.

Student Forms Due-Mon., 9/28

Please be reminded that as per Texas law, all wellness check forms and immunization records are due by September 28, 2020. There is no exception to this requirement. Students who do not have the required documentation on file will be excluded from school until appropriate documentation is submitted.

  • Wellness Check Form: A student wellness check must be completed every year, without exception. The wellness check form must indicate the date of the exam (i.e., not simply the date the form was signed) and wellness checks must have taken place within the last calendar year. If a wellness check is scheduled to take place after the previous wellness check has expired, please inform the school in writing ( of the upcoming wellness check date.
  • Immunization records: All vaccine requirements are listed on our school’s website. This information includes which vaccines are required, the documentation that must be on file, and information about exemptions, if appropriate. Texas Administrative Code §97.66(a) requires our school to exclude students are not in compliance with the vaccine requirements.

We thank you for your support to ensure that your children’s records comply with the laws of the State of Texas. If you have any questions about these requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Jacques at your convenience.

Virtual PTO Community Coffee-Thur., 10/1 9:00 - 10:00 am

The school hosts a community coffee the first Thursday of each month, alternating between a coffee with the Head of School and a coffee with the Parent Teacher Organization. On Thursday, October 1st, join us for the first PTO Coffee of the 2020-2021 school year. Learn about the PTO and how you can stay connected and involved at AIS.

Fall Break-10/5 - 10/9

The school will be closed for our Fall Break the week of October 5th through 9th. Stay tuned for more information about our Fall Camp offerings!

Updated Save the dates

We will continue to build out our school calendar and will update you with more event dates as they approach.

  • 9/21 First Day of On-Campus Learning!
  • 9/24 Room Parent Coffee
  • 9/28 All Medical Forms Due
  • 9/29 AIS Board Meeting
  • 10/1 PTO Coffee
  • 10/5-10/9 Fall Break