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The Woolly Mammoths extinction

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The Woolly Mammoth were herbivores. They mainly ate grass, but also shrubs, and mosses. A single mammoth could eat about 600 pounds of grass a day. That is one of the reasons that the mammoths disappeared, because there wasn't enough vegetation for them anymore. The grass and other plants did grow back, only after their extinction.

Another reason to why the mammoths die was of global warming. Mammoths were only suppose to adapt to the cold. Since there was a huge climate change, mammoths were getting to hot. After the mammoths died, humans had to hunt elsewhere. Humans had been hunting mammoths or their fur, meat and ivory up to the point of the mammoth extinction.

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There has been controversy of how the mammoth became extinct since it was discovered. Scientists and religious communities have been asking a lot of questions of the mammoth. Like what did they eat, reasons of their disappearance, their body length. Also where did they live, and how they adapt to living areas.

People have discovered bones all around the world of the woolly mammoth. There has been lots of speculation of how the die. Scientists and religious communities say there was global warming, humans hunted them, or there wasn't enough food for all of them. All of these speculations have been a huge debate of what happened to these 14 feet giants, and if we can bring them back.

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