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Tips for 1:1 iPad Integration - March 17, 2015

A HUGE Chief Cheer goes out to everyone who helped make this day a huge success! We got some community members in, showed them what our kids can do, and now we just have to nurture those relationships. We all knew that Chapman Chiefs are the best, now a few other people do too!

Be sure to click on the title above to see the photo gallery on the Herald Journal site. And by the way, did anyone see JR and his mom on the front page of Saturday's paper?

Spring into STEM

It's time for our next monthly STEM day. Spring into STEM is scheduled for March 27 (the last Friday of the month). I know last month's STEM day was skipped by many because of all of the days we missed for snow, so let's all try to get back on track this month.

I am attaching a link to my Dropbox folder below that has several lesson ideas - bird feeders, butterflies, greenhouses, color exploration. I am also attaching a link to my STEM page on Pinterest for other ideas - Peeps science. I will also continue adding to both sites as I find more ideas.

Remember that I am always willing to help plan or carry out STEM lessons - just let me know what I can do!

For our STEM Day in April, I am planning to focus around Earth Day. Start thinking now about STEM projects using all recycled materials. Keep an eye on the Pinterest page - I am collecting ideas there.

An App and a Snack

I know everyone is absolutely done with after school meetings after last week, so there will be no App and a Snack this week. I am happy to bring it back next week with looking at Pages, Keynote, & iMovie, but only if people want to come. I know we are all counting down the days to Spring Break - if I don't hear from anyone who wants to come next week, I will bring An App & A Snack back AFTER Spring Break.

First in Math Team of the Week

Big image

We are back to our usual class winner this week - Congratulations once again to Mrs. Falk's class with 2,872 stars earned.

The top earners for each grade level were:

  • Robby Dubois in 1st grade (161 stars)
  • Jeremiah Johnson in 2nd grade (151 stars)
  • Brianna Gallegos in 3rd grade (358 stars)
  • Brazyah Lyles in 4th grade (201 stars)
  • Santos De La Rosa in 5th grade (521 stars)

Continue to remind your students that they can work on this at home if they have internet.

Teachers, please return the medals to my box on Friday afternoons. The students get a certificate to keep, but the medal will pass to the next weekly winner.

Digital Citizenship

As we get closer and closer to the end of the year, let's not forget our commitment to teaching our students to be good digital citizens. I know it gets busy and we all have lots of content left to teach, but this content is very important!

Remember that as soon as you have taught your 5th lesson, you are ready to apply to be certified. Also remember that even after you have taught your 5th lesson, we still want you to keep teaching at least one lesson a month! Our goal is for 100% of our teachers to be certified this year. Check out the thermometer outside my room to see how we are doing with that goal.

This month we are focusing on a topic we can all learn from - Is everything we read on the internet really true?. Here are a couple of suggested lessons: K-2 - Sites I Like, 3-5 - How to Cite a Site, 6-8 (you could use it for 3-5) - Identifying High Quality Sites. I am also attaching a link below to another site that addresses website validity.

Useful Links and Articles

Seven Shares

I have heard that 3rd and 5th grade teachers are talking about topics to present. What about the rest of you?? Everyone in this building has something worthwhile to share!! You can present as an individual or as a grade level. Think about what your grade level does best. Then get busy and get that proposal in!

Proposals are not due until April 25 so you have plenty of time to decide on a topic!!

Chapman Elementary

As always, I am here to help you integrate technology into your lessons. Please let me know how I can be of assistance.