Week 12

More Patterns of Organization | Review Essay Building


This week we will be gearing up for our last two essays of the semester. Both will be research-based, so make sure you are familiar with the online library databases and how to find credible sources. Begin working on Essay #5 so you will be prepared for next week's peer review discussion board.

The lessons for this week will focus on two more patterns of organization, "Compare and Contrast" and "Cause and Effect." These are both great patterns to follow when building an argument. In addition, we'll be reviewing some essay construction steps like building thesis statements and organizing ideas.

Along with working on your essay, there is a short essay to read with three short essay questions. When responding, remember to use evidence (like quotes) to support your ideas. Combining your ideas with the author's ideas show synthesis and promotes critical thinking.

Lastly, I've updated the syllabus for the remainder of the semester. It is available in the course resource folder on BB, and attached here for you!

Good luck and email me if you have any questions!

Prf. Hoffman

Updated Syllabus

Week 12


Assign Essay #5

Compare and Contrast

Cause and Effect

Review Thesis Statements

Brainstorming an Argumentative Essay

Developing an Argumentative Essay

Week 13


Peer Review Essay #5

Review Essay Construction

Working with Research

Review Using Quotations

Review MLA

Essay #5 Due

Week 14


Assign Final Essay

Review Revision Methods

Last Week for Late Work

Week 15


Peer Review Final Essay

Final Essay Due

Week 16

5/3 -5/9 Finals

Extra Credit Activity

Objectives for the Week

Lecture And Presentations:

  • Compare and Contrast
  • Cause and Effect
  • Rev. Thesis Statements
  • Effective Outlines
  • Organizing your Outline


  • Begin Essay #5 (Don't submit until after Peer Rev.)
  • "Do I Really Have to Join Twitter" by Farhad Manjoo, p. 163 + BB Questions