Paul Revere

By: Anton Howell


Paul Revere was born on January 1st 1735 and lived in a very busy household. By the age of 9 his sister had 7 younger siblings. Paul grew up working with his father, who was a silversmith. He hoped to Become a silversmith one day and create beautiful works of art as well.
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As a child Paul Revere attended Northwest Writing School or he was home schooled. When he was a teenager he learned the art of gold and silversmithing from his father.
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Interesting facts

Paul Revere was also a part time dentist making dentures out of ivory and wood. He also founded the first patriot intelligence network. Paul Revere was related by marriage to Abraham Lincoln, whose father was a cousin of two of Revere’s sons-in-law.
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Significance in the revolutionary war

Paul revere is one of the most important people in the revolution as without him Samuel Adams and John Hancock would have been captured and hanged, essentially ending the revolution. He later became a colonel of the American army and participated in the Boston tea party.
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Important life Events

One of the most notable events in Paul Revere's life are when his father died and he took over his forge. Another is when he ride through the middle-sex village and farms warning the minutemen of the British troops on the move towards them and warned Samuel Adams and John Hancock.


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Paul Revere retired from his work in 1811 at the age of 76 and died 8 years later in his home city of Boston.