Vietnam Book 1 I Pledge Allegiance

Auther: Chris Lynch

Main Character

The Main Characters are Morris, Rudi, Ivan, and Beck. In this book it is mostly about Morris. In the book the Rudi was the first one to get drafted into the war.

Summary of the book

In the begaining it starts out at their school and in the begaining it statrs out with just three of them Morris, Beck, and Ivan. But one day the three boy where walking home and Rudi was getting pick on because he was held back in the 7th grade. So the three boys were scared at first but they stand up to the bullies. After they stood up to the bullies they all became freinds. One day after school they planned to meet on top of the big hill in their town. Everyone was there on time but Rubi. Then he showed up he had a letter. It was a draft letter saying that he has to go into training and then go into the war. They all said if one of them was going to be drafted into the war they all where. So they all said they where the age that they had to be to get into the arm. They go into different parts of the arm so they do not see each other. Morris is scared that his freinds are going to die in the war. So his plan is to protect them from the water.


Favorite and least favorite part of the book

My favorite past was when Morris saw the war for the first time. My least favorite was when they where tell what Morris was doing on the boat.