Transcendentalism- Pop Culture

By: Carly Heatherly

Writers like Walden and Thoreau, who preach transcendental ideas, can be interpreted in many ways. The things they believe in are everywhere around us, and every bit of it can change the way of living. If everyone were stress-free and positive people, this world would be a lot simpler to live in. Practicing the transcendental ideas of life could bring us one step closer to that.

1. Trust yourself

2. Nature shows you yourself

3. Everything is connected

4. Simplify your life

5. Be Unique


In the song, "I Believe I can Fly," by R. Kelly, the lyrics talk about how if you just put your mind to something, then you can do it. This is a transcendental idea, because they say that all you need to do is trust yourself. My favorite line in this song states, "If I can see it, then I can do it," which is true, because if you can imagine doing something, there won't be anything to it, and you can accomplish it.
R Kelly I Believe I Can Fly Lyrics


The pictures below represent the transcendental idea that "nature shows you yourself." The cat on the left seems to have been rained on, which is making it grumpy and gloomy, and the cat on the right looks like it is having a blast out in the nice weather. Humans are the same way, because if you are just wanting to go on a stroll or play outside, rain would not make you happy (or cats obviously). On the other hand, if you walk outside and it's beautiful, then your mood would be way different, in most cases. Basically, the way you respond to nature, or the weather, can show your true colors.


In this video, the instructor, Brian Cox, describes the universe as a huge box of atoms with many energy levels filled with electrons. When any electrons shift, the electrons around all the other atoms in the world have to move as well. This is just one example of the transcendental idea that "everything is connected" in some way.
Brian Cox - Everything is Connected to Everything


Ways to make your life less complicated are everywhere you turn. Why be unhappy and stressed when effortless things can be done to change that. Below are just 24 simplicities that make life that much more carefree. The transcendental idea of "simplifying your life" is something that must be done in order to have fun with no worries.


In this YouTube video, one of the boys try to tell the other that just because everyone else is doing something, doesn't mean you have to. Since the Harlem Shake videos have become popular and common, he thinks he needs to create one to fit in, and it frustrates the other one.
Harlem Shake (Be Unique)