The Absolutely Amazing Flying Pigs

By: Alyssa Tiller

Where Flying Pigs Live...

Flying Pigs live in the Rain Forest...

Why are Flying Pigs so Amazing?


Flying Pigs are VERY smart and VERY strong. they fly about 40 mph, live in the rainforest, and they sleep all day and are awake during the night. They all have wings.


Flying Pigs live in the Rainforest as mentioned above, therefore their climate is humid because it rains a lot which amounts to 250 cm per year and it is very hot and wet.
Flying Pigs are so amazing not just because they are pigs it's because they Can Fly up To 50 mph! Flying Pig Live with Morrafes (Brennas Monkey Girrafe), the Triple Pig (Mia's Animal) and Last but not least Hamlet Fitz Snortsneiger accompanies us in Tasmania, Australia!

What they Eat

Flying pigs are Omnivores which means that they consume both plants and Animals. If they live in the Wild they primarily eat Grasses, leaves, roots and Fruit but if they are Pets they eat mostly corn and other meals with Vitamins!

P.S this is a School Project! flying pigs are not real!!