Canada's Nursing Sisters

By: Kayden

Where did the Nurses serve? What did they do? What did they wear?

During the war, a lot of soldiers were wounded. The Nursing Sisters were the ones to take care and fix the wounded soldiers. To fix the wounds, the Nurses would take the soldiers to a ward tent. Sometimes, the soldiers would stay overnight because of how bad the wounds were and others were released back to the front lines.

The Nursing Sisters only had 3 outfits. They had an outfit for formal, another one for cold snowy weathers and one more for working on the soldiers in the ward tent. The formal outfit is a navy button-up top with a red collar on the neck. The skirts were black and they wore black boots with a black small hat. The second outfit is a warm fur coat with black pants, black boots and a small hat. The third outfit is a long white robe.

A total of 3,141 Nursing Sisters served in the WW1 Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. 2,054 of the Nursing Sisters served overseas in France and the Eastern Mediterranean at Gallipoli, Alexandria, and Saloika.