Greenwich Village Murder in town? By Sol Buendia

Greenwich Village, New York 1954

Do you know your neighbors?

I don't think we do. There could be a murder in our neighborhood and we wouldn't even know.

I was able to find out most of the neighbors name's and their occupation.

We have Jeff who is recuperating from a broken leg Lisa, Jeff's girlfriend who occasionally visits Jeff, and also his nurse. Lars Thorwald and his missing wife, Miss Torso, Miss Lonelyheart, the songwriter, the Newlyweds, the couple from the fire escape, and a couple more.

Jeff is sadly stuck in a wheelchair spending his time looking out of his window. Mrs. and Mr. Thorwald spend their time either separated or arguing. We have the newlyweds who just happened to move in together, and spending a lot of time in the new home. Miss Torso who is always dancing and practicing in her undergarments. Miss Lonelyheart who seems to have her little pretend dates. The couple from the fire escape who send their dog down a basket. The songwriter who seems to be struggling to write the perfect song.

After a scream that Jeff heard he noticed that Mrs. Thorwald went missing. He started wondering what could have happened so he started keeping a closer eye on Mr. Thorwald and started watching his every move. Mr. Thorwald seemed very suspicious late at night coming and going from his home with a suitcase. Then he started packing his wives personal belongings including her jewelry. Jeff felt the need to tell Lisa and his nurse so they could have an opinion of their own. When Jeff told the detective he didn't believe it was true. The detective didn't think Jeff had enough evidence, but either way he looked up what was going on, and found out that Mrs. Thorwald went on a little vacation. Lisa mentioned that a woman would not leave her jewelry behind if she was going out of town, but the detective didn't want to do any further research on the case.

At the end Jeff's nurse, and Lisa went to Thorwald's home to see if they could find anything to convict Thorwald for the murder of wife. Especially after the dog's death, from the couple of fire escape. Lisa went to Thorwald's home after blackmailing him to see if there was any evidence left behind before he left town. Thorwald ended up finding Lisa in his home and probably tried to kill her too for snooping around, and she even found the wife's wedding ring.

Thorwald saw Jeff and went to his home to see what he wanted. He even tried throwing Jeff out the window, but the detective came back in time and they were able to catch him, but Jeff ended breaking his other leg.

Feminism Today & 1950s

Today women are trying to be more independent.

On social media they have #WasteHisTime2016 trending to show the men that they are tired of having their time wasted by someone who doesn't want to have a committed relationship. In a way that's their way of showing what has happened to them in their relationships.

Now women have more rights than what they did back in the 1900s.

In the 1950s women were used to replace the jobs of men who were deployed overseas for WWII.

The two most important feminist texts were published during the 1950s: "The Second Sex" and "The Feminine Mystique." "The Second Sex" challenged the view of women inferior to men, while "The Feminine Mystique" discussed the fact that women desired successes outside of childcare and housework and wanted to work and enroll in college.

Also the suffrage movement with women protesting the right to vote.

Not much has changed except that now women are standing up more for what they believe in. Thanks to what has happened back in the 1950s it had really helped women become stronger and to speak up for what they believe in and to do what they want. They fight back.