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BCPS Newsletter - Usage Tool and Action Areas Tool

Usage Tool and Reports

Imagine Learning recommends for administrators and teachers to monitor usage on a weekly basis. The middle of the school year is also a great time to take a deep dive into the Imagine Language + Literacy Usage Tool and Predicted EOY Report. Additional information on the Usage Tool and Predicted EOY report is available in the tutorials linked below. Make sure to choose the video most appropriate for your role on campus.

Action Areas Tool

The Action Areas Tool can group students according to need, efficiently addressing unfinished learning. The tool uses the embedded formative assessments from the students’ personalized learning pathway to supply actionable insight for teachers and administrators. The Action Areas Tool identifies students in need of additional support, groups them by skill, and provides links to online and offline Imagine Learning activities and printable resources for use in intervention sessions.

Elgis Pedrera

Customer Success Manager

Nazy Ramallo-Sierra

Teacher Trainer

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