Luke Bryan

By Joey Camp

country singer all the way

For this country singers life he had changed thousands and almost millions for the better.He raised enough money to donate to salvation army with his 8th concert
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Luke bryan

This is a picture that was took as a photo a guy photo bombed it and so they zoomed in and cut the extras off.

Early life.

HIs full name is thomas luther bryan.He was born in 1976 location unknown.He has 2 kids and a dog. He dad is also a peanut farmer.


He won an award for best and most favorite country singer.He was also named entertainer of the year.And even got a grammy and the all night long award.

real accomplishments

He earned top album of the year.Top new artist.Top solo new artist.He even won artist of the year.


This proves that luke bryan is the best singer ever.
Luke Bryan - That's My Kind Of Night