Magical Art Introduction!


About Me!

I am your typical teenage girl. Hyper, lover of music, moody, etc. I am an overzealous lover of television and reading. I have too many fandoms to keep track of: Potterheads, Oncers, KatyCats, Tributes, get the idea :) I am about to be a junior in muggle high school, so everything running through my head is about college. I am the biggest klutz in the world - literally. (Just the other day, I walked straight into a wall...) While I am a student of HiH, I am a character developer for SBL. I am part of Madam's Mayors, as we call ourselves. (If you watch OUAT, then I hope you laugh at that pun.) So, we write for Regina, the Evil Queen. It is so much fun interacting with them and acting as one of my favorite characters on the show. I am also a leader of the Daily Mirror, yet to be released. I will oversee the writing of everyone, make sure sue dates are met, etc. I am very excited about that!

Fun Fact: I am a PA for both Divination & Magical Art

My Artistry!

I have a fondness for portraits. They're so pretty & I love piecing together an untold story of theirs. Personally, I have the skills of a two-year old when it comes to drawing and painting, though I feel I am quite good at photography. (I am one of those annoying photographers that has to take a picture of EVERY picture perfect moment!) I also dabble in graphic design, though I am nowhere near the status of good. I am so excited about MART!

Fun Fact: I have two dachshunds!