Monday Memo

December 14, 2015

Dates to Note:

Monday, December 14:
  • Upper Basketball Team - Practice 4:15
  • Middle School Basketball Team - Game @ St. John Lutheran School - Kendallville
  • Middle School Market Sale starts today (Monday thru Thursday)

Tuesday, December 15:

  • Middle School Basketball Team ONLY - Game @ DeKalb Middle School
  • Oak Farm School Store opens Today (Monday Thru Friday) - Vic House Conference Room
  • Last day to put orders in for your classroom per Kelly

Wednesday, December 16:

  • Basketball Practice at 4:15 pm

Thursday, December 17:

  • Basketball Game @ Garrett 5:00/6:00
  • End of Season Pizza Party for Basketball Team @ 7:15 @ Pizza Hut in Auburn
  • Last day to buy any gifts at the Middle School Market

Friday, December 18:

  • Last day that the Oak Farm School Store is open
  • Winter Break BEGINS!! (Afterschool of course!!)

December 19, 2015 - January 3, 2016 - Winter Break!

And the winner is ......... (drum roll!!)........

Our very own JAMIE WORMAN, Come on Down!! You have won the $5.00 Barnes and Noble Gift Card!!! I want to thank everyone for playing!! Look for more to come in the next coming year!

A Second with Sarah.......

In celebration of our new Sick/Personal Time Sharing Policy and in the spirit of this season of giving, we are now holding an open donation period. From today through December 18th, please consider donating to our leave bank to help fellow faculty in need and to support them through challenging times. Please see Sarah S-C for a donation form.


As an AMS Accredited Member School, ALL Oak Farm employees are eligible for the AMS Member Insurance Program. What is the AMS Member Insurance Program? It means that you are eligible for coverages at a discounted rate such as:

-Term Life and AD&D

- Educators Dental Plan

- Geico Auto, Motorcycle, Boat, Homeowners, Rental and Condo Insurance

- Other benefits: IDShield and LegalShield, Pet Health Insurance and Travel Insurance.

To find out more about this program, please visit:

LONG TERM DISABILITY(LTD) PAYROLL ITEM:As you already may know, Oak Farm provides all full time employees with the benefit of LTD. With that benefit, Oak Farm is required to report the premium as taxable income. Therefore this week, it will be included with the payroll processing. This will have no effect on your paycheck, however you may notice a slight difference in your gross income if you watch it regularly. If you have any questions, please feel free to see Sarah S-C.

Live from the Middle School Market with our own Oak Farm correspondent Krissy......

Kick Start Your Holiday Season!

Sale starts today and ends Thursday!

Let us contribute to your Holiday dinner with chickens raised on our farm!

Let us make a Honeycrisp Dutch Apple Pie for dessert!

Let our Organic Creations Class provide Lip Balm, Body Butter and Yarn Ball Necklaces as gifts!

Janet's Jingles......

Green Team News: You were asking . . . so here's the answer for what to do with hard-to-recycle plastics.

Ziplock type bags and that annoying plastic film that bundles 24 rolls of toilet paper together have always been destined for the landfill. Now, those and other things (like dry cleaning bags and plastic cereal liner bags) have a new hope for being re-used. Go to this website and put in your zip code to find your nearest recycling location for these items.

Many (but not all) Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, and Meijers' locations will take these types of plastics. Find the spot, usually at the front of the store, where they take the regular Wal-Mart type plastic grocery bags to be recycled. The fancy name for this is Polyethylene (PE) film and may carry a #2 HDPE or #4 LDPE mark; drop these items in that collection container.

Why not just toss it in the regular recycling bins? Most curbside recycling programs don't accept this type of plastic. That's because the bags and wraps have to be clean and dry to be recycled, and collecting them in curbside bins with bottles and containers generally leaves them too dirty and wet to be recycled. Additionally, bags and films can jam sorting machinery, creating problems for the businesses that sort recyclables.

Of course, choosing to re-use and buy less is even better. Some estimate the plastic bag, sack, and wrap consumption to be somewhere between 500 billion and one trillion plastic bags consumed worldwide each year.

A Moment with Macy....

Newsletter Submissions

Reminder that we will be publishing a newsletter THIS WEEK! Please get your submissions to Macy ASAP.

Oak Farm Connects

Kevin & Nicole Lowe hosted a wonderful party Sunday - many parents & faculty mixed and mingled during the evening. Fun was had by all!

(3 pictures saved on the photo drive - 2015-2016>Events>Oak Farm Connects)

Tall Oak Gala Video

Aaron Dohring, Meghan's husband, will be helping us with a video project this week as well as after break if needed. Macy will be working with him, and stopping by classrooms to gather a student or two to help. Thank you in advance for your help with this project.

January 15 - Faculty Childcare

We have an inservice scheduled for January 15 - please let Macy know ASAP if your child will be needing childcare on this day.

Winter Clubs - to start in February

We will be running another round of afterschool clubs. Dates will be once a week starting the week of February 1 - March 14, running from 3:30-4:30. Minimum of 8 students for each club, compensation is $200. Registration will open for the winter club session the week we return from break.

There is still time to let Macy know if you are interested in beinging a club leader. So far we have the following:

Monday - Yearbook with Macy for Middle School Students only

Wednesday - Cross Stitch with Meghan - Lower Only

Thursday - STEAM Club with Heather & Hattie - Upper & Middle School

We hope to have Chess for Kindergarten & Lower students again - I am waiting to hear which day works best for the teacher.

Would anyone like to host a "book club" - Macy was thinking this could be a neat parent/child club - could be for any ages!

Lifting it up with Lori Z.!

Give me an O! Give me an A! Give me a K! What's that spell?!? OAK FARM (Kinda)...

Oak Farm Basketball
Team Pictures will be coming soon! Great job team!!

Cross Level Observation Rotation

The Toddler staff is working hard to make cross level observations work for you. We hope you are finding this valuable to work on both professional development and building community. With a 50 acre plus campus, it is hard to know what goes on across campus. Hopefully, this helps give some more insight to how we are all working toward our mission together. PLEASE take time to fill out the cross level observation rotation chart that is on the Google drive. This helps Cathy know who she will be filling in for and informs the classroom being observed. If it is not filled out, we will assume your classroom is NOT going to do observations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Lori Z.!

Kickin' it with Kelly!

The Oak Farm Store is Open!!
Starting Tuesday you can come to the Victorian Farmhouse and buy some cool apparel and gifts for last minutes gifts this holiday season! Or let's just be honest! Buy yourself a great looking Oak Farm Sweatshirt or T-shirt to show your own school pride!! The store will be open from Tuesday to Friday! Come one come all!

A side note.....
If you have anything that needs to be ordered for your classroom or workspace I will be ordering through Tuesday of this week. Anything that crosses my desk (or email) after that will be put on hold until after we return in January.

Acknowledgements from Megan

Who's the hostess with the mostest? Puts together the most gorgeous newsletters? Jets around coordinating volunteers? Hosts yearbook, pay it forward, and any other class you need on the fly? Lends a hand in every direction and STILL manages to wear a smile and look like a million bucks?

MACY McNAUGHTON, that's who!

Three cheers for Macy, who brings good cheer everywhere she goes, shares it with all of us, and lets her passion uplift our community. A special thanks for putting together an awesome holiday staff party!

December and January Birthdays!

12/18: Megan O'Sullivan

12/25: Abby Minich

12/28: Suzy Ulmer

12/30: Tracy Reincke

1/2: Ines Oldenburg

1/5: Diana McCreery & Janet Canino

1/13: Nancy Bradtmiller

Want to take this opportunity......

The holiday season is about being grateful for the gifts we have been given. To be thankful for the people in our lives and to pass on a love for ALL human kind, no matter what path their life takes. I want to say a great THANK YOU to Oak Farm for this great opportunity, faculty that I now consider friends, and a wonderful work environment. I have been truly blessed to have become a member of this brilliant community. Thank you and I hope you all have an incredible winter break with fond memories!

Happy Holidays and See You All Next Year!!