Boys vs. Girls

Emelia Gamez


If 10 kids, ages 11-13, 5 boys and 5 girls, did 3 leg exercises in an empty room, who would do it on average the longest, boys or girls?


Raise your hand if you think the boys will win.

In my opinion I would expect more hands to go up for the guys then the girls.

Ever since the beginning the males have always been seen as the stronger, and smarter one; the leader. But when it comes to science, are they really?


I believe that the boys will be the stronger ones based on the fact that they always do better when it is a competition, epically when they are against girls. I think they put more effort into it. Most boys also do more sports and are constantly exercising and working their leg muscels. They will either be better at all, or two out of three.

Sense the girls are able to handle more pain, and have pretty strong legs. Their ranks will probably be close to the boys. They will win none or one of the exercises.

Experemental Design

  • Independent Variable- The different students
  • Dependent Variable- The time it took each exercise
  • Constant Variables- counting, on every squat when they go up and down it is one, on every burpee when they jumped up it was one, when they did the wall sits I timed it in minutes and started and ended at the same time
  • Wasn't a control group
  • Each person did each exercise once


  1. wall sit
  2. squat jumps
  3. burpees

Scientific knowadge

Are boys better then girls?

At Indiana University they are putting that question to the test. They looked at kids ages 6-19 and went to 1.9 million swim meets. After looking at the results, they said that there was not a gender difference for the 6-8 year olds. Although, there was a difference when it came to the 11 and 12 year olds. The reason for this was because when you are around 13-16 years old, boys grow faster and have faster muscle development, so they surpass the girls. Because of different development, either gender could be equal in some sports. When it comes to teambuilding, strategy, and continuous practice, girls can be as good or better than boys.



  1. Jake Henderson
  2. Jerret Jarvis
  3. Jackson Jenkins
  4. Colton St Peters
  5. Parker Lopez


  1. Victoria Hanen
  2. Carmen Cerda
  3. Avery Betancourt
  4. Presley Scaling
  5. Grace Forsythe

how it will be tested and steps

I will put everyone's name on a slip of paper and put it in a girl or boy bowl where I will randomly draw 5 names from each. I will get their time by taking a person at a time to an empty room and have them do the leg exercises. On the wall sits I will time them with a stop watch, and on the other two, I will count. They will complete each routine one time. I will not encourage anyone and will try to act the same for each person, so they don't think they did better or worse than anyone. They will not be able to receive their time till the project is done. To determind the winner I will test all ten kids and do an average.

Step 1: Get the people chosen

Step 2: Predict who will be better, males or females

Step 3: Test the people one at a time

Step 4: Record the data

Step 5: Analyze the data and see who was better

Step 6: Tell everyone the result


The boys did better because they had averages of 1 minute 26 seconds on the wall sits, 20 burpees, and 63 squats. The girls had averages of 1 minute 39 second for the wall sits, which as better than the boys, 12 burpees, and 42 squats.

There was a pattern because there were better scores for the squats than the burpees. The squats had a wide range, going from 100-10. The boys were better at most of the exercises, 2/3's. The girls were probably better at the wall sit because it was the first one and they were not worn out. I am a girl and when I do wall sits I can last pretty long, so maybe it is tougher for the boys then for us.

I wasn't surprised with the results because based on scientific knowledge it showed that either gender could win but I thought boys would be better because people always tend to think they are. There legs muscles are more developed than ours too. Want to beat everybody and are very competitive.


  1. During a leg exercise who does better boys or girls?
  2. I made my hypothesis based on what is most commonly believed.
  3. My most important result was that boys were actually stronger than girls.
  4. Girls had a higher average at the wall sit which could imply that they have stronger core.
  5. If you had more people but the same number of girls and boys will the results be different? If you got the best boy and girl athletes who would win? If we did core exercise would girls win?