Grassland survival plan

By: Brooke Hastings


Grassland has a bunch of grass and trees.

Dont panic

Read this if you want to survive like I did.

Grassland biome

Grasslands are characterized as lands dominated by grasses rather than large shrubs and trees. Ancient forests declined as grasslands became widespread.

Food and water

You have to find a lake to drink out of and for food you would have to kill a cow or bird sometimes there is fruit but only if your lucky


you will have to find some kind of wood or big tree limbs to put on a tree for shelter
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there are bisons, pronghorns, prairiedogs, wolves, coyotes and, badgers, there are also buffalo. B careful and look out for there animals
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sometimes it is cold and rainy but other times it is warm, so be ready for some rainy weather
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