Taylor Goar Johnson

The 6th grade science experience

Earthquakes PBL

In this project, we were instructed to take notes from our textbooks and haiku videos, to build a two story house for the famous Tony Stark that could endure Mrs. Chappas's shaking. To make things even more professional, we had our very own driving question which was, How can we, as structural engineers construct a 2 story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? By answering this wiestion and being efficient, we were able to finish the project successfully.

Atmosphere 30 hands project

This project was done for our unit on the atmosphere, and was suposed to include questions and answers to things like global warming, climate, and greenhouse gases. Once we concluded our reasearch, we had to record ourselves on a slideshow app called 30hands. I hope you guys enjoy!

Invention Convention

This project required you and your group to come up with an innovation or invention that solves an enviromental problem. My team's innovation was to use solar panels to create electricity for your house in the day, but meanwhile is connected to a generator that charges a battery that can produce electricity a night. Our natural energy source is clearly solar power, and solves the problem that solar power cannot be used during evening hours.

Extra Credit

My favorite Unit was the Atmosphere unit, because I loved doing the atmosphere drawing and the 30Hands project. In this unit, we learned about the atmosphere, its gases, and how bad things like too much of the greenhouse effect and global warming are effecting our Earth. We didn't have too many labs or activities, but if I had to choose the lab where Mrs. Chappas put hot red water and cold blue water in a tank of water. This was definetly my favorite lab from this unit, because we got to see a convection current up close. Overall, this unit was really fun to learn about and it was by far my favorite unit.