Fan sale from Stella & Dot!!

For just 2 days don't miss out on up to 50% off!

Grab a fabulous bargain quick - they'll be sold out or full price on Friday!

Its another fantastic Fan Sale at Stella & Dot right now! Today people are voting on Facebook for they're favourite look, then at 5pm the voting closes and soon after you will be able to shop these gorgeous pieces with either 30%, 40%, or 50% off!

As many of you know the hot favourites will sell out very quickly - I predict the scarf and bangle first so if you love them or think they will be great for your friends birthday next month or your Mum would love it for Christmas then don't delay!

You can shop for these via: - then click on SALE

You will also have the chance to add 1 of each of our Exclusive offers for September if you've spent £50 and shop with 50%! :-)

Shopping via here will also automatically enter you into my Prize Draw to win the hostess rewards so you could be the winner of fabulous FREE credit and more 40%s discounts off anything from Stella & Dot!, Fantastic!

If of course you don't want to gamble and want these rewards for definite then have your own fabulous Stella & Dot evening and these will be yours!

If you need any assistance feel free to contact me ;-)

Emma xxx

Spent £50 and shop these for 50% off too! :-)

Without doubt one of personal favourite necklaces - The Elodie - Our designer spend months carefully choosing the colours for this which makes it sooo versatile - it looks fabulous against almost every colour top/dress. The hard choice will be if to keep this for yourself or a fabulous gift for your Mum!
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Emma Hatfield, Assosciate Stylist - Stella & Dot

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