By Blake,Jared,Lindsey,and Connor

About a seal

I will be telling you about the ecosystem of a seal. Seals mostly spend there time under water but come on land to give birth and take naps. They also come on land to lie in the sun and mate. They live in cool climates and use there thick fur in order to stay warm. They also gather in rookeries up 150,000 to mate.The seals biotic factor includes krill,fish,squid,and penguins.The seals abiotic factor includes sun,soil,air,ice,and rocks.


This is the food chain I drew.It shows the food chain of a seal.The seaweed is a producer which is eaten by krill a krill is herbivore the krill gets eaten by a fish the fish is a omnivore.The fish is eaten by a squid the squid is a carnivore.The squid is eaten by a seal a seal is a carnivore. The seal is eaten by a shark a shark is a carnivore.The shark turns into coral that's the seals food chain
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This is the food web of a seal

The two producers are plankton and seaweed plankton and seaweed are eaten by starfish and fish the fish and starfish are omnivorous.The fish and starfish are eaten by krab and seal the krab and seal are carnivores the krab and seal are eaten by seagulls and sharks.Seagulls and sharks are carnivores seagulls and sharks turn into coral and sand.

The impact of hunting seal

Don't hunt seal.

They should not not be hunted unless there is a over population in the ecosystem of that species.If you keep hunting seal they might ixteient.The animals that eat seal might go off of there usual food and change and not be the same ever again.All I'm trying to say is please don't hunt seal if we keep hunting seal for sport it will change sea lifestyle.If your going to hunt seal do it for life needs don't just shoot them and leave them there to die make sure you'll use it for something.It may impact us by causing infection leading to many sick people and maybe death.And keep hunting seal and this might happen

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A lot of fish