WSMS Principal Newsletter

May 19, 2023

Hello Willow Springs,

This week, Geometry students applied their knowledge of concepts to design and fly kites in this beautiful weather. RLA students created thoughtful chalk designs in parking spaces to reflect their knowledge. We celebrated our 7th graders and had a great time capturing the 8th grade panoramic, signing yearbooks, and enjoying these final days of the year with our Leopards. Please note that Willow Springs has early release on the last day of school, Friday May 26. Thank you for your support and continued partnership.


Caitlin Eldredge



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Attendance continues to be a top priority for Lovejoy ISD. It should come as no surprise that attendance has a direct relationship with student learning. Additionally, public school funding is provided by the State of Texas based on each district's average daily attendance (ADA).

Lovejoy has developed an Attendance Task Force consisting of staff, parents, and students to formulate ideas about how to positively impact ADA in our district. One suggestion is to update the community via weekly principal communication on the number of absences each campus has accrued YTD along with the budgetary impact of those absences. This information can be found below:

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Intent to Return to Lovejoy ISD 2023-2024

Lovejoy Families,

If you haven't already, please complete our Intent to Return to Lovejoy ISD form, this information will help plan for a successful school year and prepare for adequate staffing. The form can be found here.

We are looking for responses from all Lovejoy ISD families.

Thank you for your help and support. It’s great to be a Leopard!

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Procedures for Entering WSMS Building

To enter the building, push the button on the panel and hold your state-issued identification up to the camera above the button. Once we confirm your identity and purpose of visit we will unlock the door. Please Do Not hold door for others to enter. This applies to food deliveries as well.

Our campus accepts food deliveries from parents and guardians (not delivery services) that are dropped off for their child only. WSMS is not responsible for lost or misplaced deliveries.

Thank you so much for your understanding and support as we work together to maintain a safe and secure campus.

Food Delivery to WSMS

Please note that our campus does not accept meal deliveries ordered by students or from delivery services. We can accept food dropped off by a parent or guardian for their child only. Please clearly label these items. Our campus does our best to monitor the numerous deliveries throughout the day. Ultimately, the campus is not responsible for lost or misplaced meals. As a backup plan, please ensure that your student has funds in their lunch account.

Powerschool App

The PowerSchool app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You use the same PowerSchool online login. Enter the District code NJBC. **Helpful Tip: If your app is not syncing, follow these steps:

  1. Log out
  2. Update app
  3. Log back in

As we move into the spring, please review our campus tardy policies. Teachers will provide an overview of the policies with students during homeroom time. Please reach out to our assistant principals if you have questions. We know that sometimes students need breaks and time is short during the passing period. Students should report to their teacher to be counted present and utilize a hall pass to take care of their needs if they are concerned about arriving on time to class.

A student is considered late when the tardy bell rings and the student is not in the appropriate classroom. Repeated instances of tardiness will result in more severe disciplinary action. As a measure to ensure a safe, orderly, and secure school environment, WSMS enforces a tardy policy.

Students who are late will be allowed to enter class, but will be marked as tardy in PowerSchool by a designated staff member. Students who are more than 20 minutes late will be counted absent.

● Students will be assigned a teacher detention or Leopard Time when they receive 4-6 tardies

● Students will be assigned a two hour detention when they receive 7-9 tardies

● Students who persist in being tardy (10+) may receive additional consequences

Tardies reset each 9 weeks.

Thank you for your support.

May Nutrition Newsletter

Click HERE to view the nutrition newsletter

LISD Calendar

Please go here for LISD calendars.

Message from Nurse Glover

Start picking up your medications now!

If your child has any medication in the clinic at school, please make arrangements to pick it up before the last day of school.

All medications must be picked up by Friday May 26th at 12:45 pm.
Parents are responsible for picking up medication as the school district has a policy against sending medication home with students. After 12:45 pm on Friday 5/26/23, any remaining
medication, including inhalers & EpiPens, will be thrown out. The school cannot store these for you during the summer. If your child is going to need medication at school during the 2023-
2024 school year, you will need to complete a new medication form at the beginning of the school year and bring a SMALL or travel size bottle of medicine that is not expired.

Student Support Center Update

Classroom Conversations

The fourth quarter focus will be on: Citizenship. This includes discussing the roles and responsibilities of citizens; explaining how one's personal actions can impact the perception of
others; describing how justice, fairness, and freedom are related; and
identifying and practicing a variety of conflict-resolution skills and strategies.
Please reach out to your student's counselor if you have any questions.

Spring Registration Information

Our 2023-24 Registration Page is updated with parent videos and helpful information to make the registration process easier. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Kelly Collins - 7th Grade
Carey Miller - 8th Grade

Course Request Change Form (Incoming 7th and 8th graders ONLY)

If you would like to make changes to your course requests for the upcoming 23/24 school year, please know there will be an opportunity to view and make changes at the end of May/ beginning of June. This will be done via a Google form.

4 Year Plans (current 8th graders ONLY)

On Monday, we will be visiting with the 8th graders during RLA to hand out a paper copy of the Lovejoy 4 year plan document. We will be explaining to students how to fill it out. It will be DUE on May 22 to their RLA teacher. This is a WORKING document that can and will change as your student chooses courses throughout high school.

OCPE Information

If you are interested in Off Campus PE, the 2023-2024 application is now available.

Click here for more information.

Library Update

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SORA Digital Library Parent Notification

Dear Parents,

Lovejoy ISD currently offers students access to digital library books through SORA. The District has the ability to curate the collection of books accessible to students through the SORA platform. However, publishers at times have included external links with the digital books, similar to what is found in some hardcopy books. These external links are not maintained by the District and are not a material within the control of the District. The District neither selects the external links nor endorses the specific links. The District believes the online SORA platform is a beneficial program and will continue to allow students whose parents agree to utilize the resources.

In the spirit of transparency, the District is notifying parents of their right to opt out of the use of the SORA platform for their children. If you elect to not have your child access digital books through SORA, please contact your campus librarian.

As a reminder, parents may access a list of digital books their children have checked out by following the steps noted below.

Sora How-To for Parents:

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WSMS 23-24 Athletic Shirt Purchase

One Standard Athletics Shirts for all incoming 7th and 8th graders for 23-24 school year.

Please click Here to purchase. Please select Red for WSMS.

No cheer orders please, different athletics shirts.

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Middle School Sports Tickets

To purchase a ticket for this week's HOME games, please click here.

Athlete Physical Information

Any and all online paperwork questions should be directed to Steve Smith at 469-742-8411 or

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Outstanding Service Award

The Willow Springs Middle School PTO is proud to announce Steve Smith and Humera Anwar as this year’s Outstanding Service Award recipients. Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations for this award. Please congratulate these amazing recipients.

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CELSIUS Energy Drinks and Students

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Lululemon Lovejoy Gear

Lovejoy has partnered with Lululemon to offer Lovejoy gear. Please see the following flyer for your latest Lovejoy Lululemon gear! Shop closes May 30, 2023.

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Summer Camp 2023

Carrie L. Lovejoy Child Development Center

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