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Seven Central Southwest FL locations & dates to choose from!

Encouragement, Inspiration, and Equipping!

Many parents begin the homeschooling journey determined to give their children a better education than the one they received. But many of us wish we could transform our own educations, too. Or perhaps we don't feel quite equipped for teaching our children and we want answers and support. Our parent practicums offer exactly that!

Each year, parents at all stages of the homeschooling journey spend three days delving into the underlying philosophy and the practicalities of the classical model; then we challenge ourselves to dig deeper into a specific subject, discovering the truths behind the facts and becoming students ourselves. We learn new ideas and vocabulary, we begin to understand how to identify and fill in the gaps in our own educations, and we wrestle with big ideas in the company of a like-minded community - in short, we practice learning classically! We get to model the skills of learning for our children; we show them how exciting it is to learn new ideas and demonstrate that learning is a lifelong pursuit.

This year we will be focusing on history and debate. How do we ignite a passion for learning about our past, HIS story? We will learn ways to make history come alive for each level and stage of learning as well as practice tried and true methods that help students truly engage in this subject. We will also explore the area of debate and talking about how we can teach our children to develop logical arguments to defend their stances on anything from politics to social issues to their faith.

Student camps are offered at low cost for families attending together and parents attend FREE.

Nursery (Birth - 2yrs)

Playcamp (3 - 5yrs)

GeoCamp (6 - 8yrs)

History, Latin, or Writing Camp (9 - 14yrs) (see local registration for details)

Volunteer positions available for students over 13

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Lake Placid, May 3-5

Training offered: Foundations, Essentials

North Fort Myers, May 10-12

Training offered: Foundations, Essentials, Challenge A, Challenge I

Naples #1, May 17-19

Training offered: Foundations, Essentials, Challenge B, Challenge II

Naples #2, June 7-9

Training offered: Foundations, Essentials, Challenge A

Venice, June 14-16

Training offered: Foundations, Essentials

Bradenton, July 12-14

Training offered: Foundations, Essentials

Estero, July 19-21

Training offered: Foundations, Essentials

Classical Conversations believes in parents!

We believe that every child is uniquely and wonderfully made and that parents can be the best teachers for their children. Through our Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge programs, we support parents and students along the journey of homeschooling. We’d love to have you join us!