New York

Everything has to be new doesn't it?

James, Duke, or was it King? Maybe King James II (Duke of York)

In 1644 James was originally made Duke of York, Twenty years later he would have a colony named in his honor. He seized New York from the dutch and led many more battles. He lived on to accomplish many great things that make New York founded by an incredible man.

Liberty for all

Today is the day. Its the day we give the king the proposal we have been working on so hard for who knows how long. "the Charter of Liberties" may be our best work ever. It will grant the fellow members of our colony liberties of their own, it will give freedom to everyone. I can see it now, all men are voting for assembly representatives. All men and women are tried by the law equally, all men and women can practice religion and women will have rights to property.

Today is the day. Its the day the king refused our proposal. I hope he realizes he made a huge mistake. I think i may go and pick a fight.