Confidence in the Classroom

How can we build our students confidence in the classroom?

I am willing to meet with parents and children on Wednesday Nights on From 4:00 until 5:30

During this I time I would love to discuss our stories of struggle and how we overcame those challenges. We come from different backgrounds but all have overcame challenges.

I ask my students to set a small goal for themselves each day. One of the goals may be please bring your supplies to class for three days straight. Students who due this come to me and tell me aren't you proud of me. The first thing I do is pat them on the back or a fist bump, and then challenge them to try for five days. Once they bring in their supplies for a week it starts to begin a process. They start practicing becoming prepared and now they learn how to repeat the process over and over.

Another confidence builder students need to be acknlowged is reading or writing practice, or what we like to call homework. I have come to the understanding that as long as a students tries to read and write roughly 30 minutes of day, they will find confidence.

Children must be exposed to reading and writing every day to gain the confidence they need to achieve a success greater than we have achieved.

Always mention to your students to download math and reading games on their phone if they prefer technology. If they are always on their phone, then lets try and take advantage of it, even for a short amount of time.

Nothing means more to a child than to show them you love them and care for them, so lets both do our parts bringing this powertool of love to our children.

Our Group Meetings will be educational for all; parents, and teachers. Everyone's opinion will be valued, because the number one objective of this meeting is to build confidence in our children.

Willard Middle School

Please come to room 165 at Willard High School

2020 Willard Ave SE, Warren OH 44484

See You There Every Wednesday Night


I graduated from Youngstown State University, with a bachelors degree in Math and Language Arts grades 4-9.

I have seven years teaching experience 4 years in Youngstown City Schools and 3 years in Warren City Schools.

I also worked with students with disabilities for 3 years at Vocational and Psychological Services in New Castle, Pennsylvania