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Clinic Updates

We are pleased to announce that we have new physicians who have joined the team at our Ottawa, ON and Cole Harbour, NS locations.

Both physicians are currently booking new patients.

To reach out to the Ottawa, ON location please call 613-695-8555.

To contact the Cole Harbour, NS location please call 902-462-2957.

Both location's appointment are being filled quickly, so please be aware that there may be a wait time for your appointment. Book now to decrease your wait time.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Cannabis Prescriptions

Q: Does Health Canada issue Medical Marijuana licenses anymore?

A: As of April 1, 2014, under the MMPR program, the only legal means to access cannabis for medical purposes is through Health Canada approved licensed producers. A current list can be found here: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/marihuana/info/list-eng.php

Q: Can I purchase from a Compassion Club or dispensary?

A: It is important for you to know that compassion clubs and dispensaries are NOT LEGAL in Canada. Their status and their potential role in the distribution of medicinal cannabis are still being debated. They are NOT part of the federal medical cannabis program. If you choose to purchase from either, you may be subject to legal ramifications.

Q: What keeps me legal when carrying my medical cannabis?

A: Your proof of authority to possess will either be the label on the packaging from a licensed producer or a separate document accompanying the shipment of dried cannabis from the licensed producer. Patients are NOT given I.D cards from the Federal Government.

Q: Can I travel with my medical cannabis?

A: You may travel with your medication within Canada. You are allowed to carry your daily limit x 30 but the amount cannot exceed 150g. For air travel it is recommended that you check with the airline. You CANNOT travel outside of Canada with your prescription.

Q: What will the cost of my medication be with a licensed producer?

A: Each producer has their own pricing. Our physician will do their best to help you choose a licensed producer, however, a full list of licensed producers can be found on the Health Canada website. If at any time you would like to change licensed producers, you must contact the clinic to make an appointment with your physician.It is important to note that many licensed producers do have compassionate pricing models for patients receiving disability or assistance payments.

Q: How do I know what strain I need?

A: A Trauma Healing Centers physician or consultant will provide you with guidance on which strains will work for your condition. Also, after you have left the clinic, your licensed producer may be able to give you guidance on which of their strains might work best for you.

Q: Is my medication covered by any Health Insurance provider?

A: Your medication is not currently covered by any Federal, Provincial or private health insurance. The only body covering the cost of medical cannabis is Veterans Affairs Canada. You can, however, claim your medication as a medical expense when doing your taxes with valid receipts.

Q: Do you send any information to my referring physician?

A: After each appointment, Trauma Healing Centers will send a consult letter to the physician who referred you to our clinic, if applicable.

Q: How can I access copies of my medical records from Trauma Healing Centers, if required?

A: You can access copies of your medical records by completing an “Authorization for Release of Personal Health Information” that you can request from the administration staff. There is a processing fee of $20, and we will contact you when the request is processed.

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We're looking for your testimonials about the services you've received at any location of Trauma Healing Centers.

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Trauma Healing Centers Referral Form

Please click on the link below for a copy of the referral form for your physician. Please have your physician complete the below form and fax to Trauma Healing Centers.

Locations and Affiliate Clinics

959 Cole Harbour Road
Dartmouth, NS
B2V 1E5

100 Craig Henry Drive
Suite 103/104
Ottawa, ON
K2G 5W3

Hamilton: Main Street Health Recovery (Affiliate Clinic)
460 Main Street East
Hamilton, ON
L8N 1K2

Moncton: (Affiliate Clinic)
1789 Mountain Rd.
Suite #203
Moncton, NB.
E1G 1A7

Fredericton: MindShift Clinic (Affiliate Clinic)
206 Rookwood Ave, Suite 150
Fredericton, NB
E3B 2M1

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