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Chemical Dependency in the Workplace - A Case Study

Rob and Susan have just ended a meeting about Josie, a fantastic team member that has come to them stating that she is having issues getting to work on time, and that she often doesn’t have enough money for gas to make it to work. Recently, Josie has been showing up late or calling off. A decision needs to be made about these issues, and after their initial meeting, they still have no idea how to handle this.

Later that night, Josie began to act oddly, dropping food, and ultimately stating that she needed to sit and rest before going back to work. Rob allowed Josie to sit in the break room and rest as he retrieved her a glass of water and to inform Susan what was happening.

Susan entered the break room with the water. After speaking with her for a few minutes, Susan noticed clear signs that Josie was not feeling well and could not make eye contact with her. Fearful of her condition Susan stated that she would be more comfortable if an ambulance were called to treat her.

Josie became very upset and broke down in tears stating that she couldn’t continue to working there and that she was quitting. Not wanting to lose Josie as an employee, Susan continued to speak with Josie and was finally told that she has a chemical dependency and just can’t continue to work because of it.

1. What is the responsibility of Susan knowing that she has a team member with a chemical dependency in and outside of the workplace?

2. There are EAPs available to Josie, at what point does Susan inform Josie about these programs available and does she inform her superiors of what is happening?

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