Help preserve wetlands and watersheds

What is a wetland?

A wetland is a land area saturated with water.

- half of the worlds wetlands have been destroyed in the last 100 years

- LA contains 40% of the worlds wetlands

- wetlands are home to many plants and animals

There are 4 types of wetlands.

Swamp- any wetland dominated bye woody plants

Bog- a floor covered with thick moss

fen- peat forming wetlands

marsh- wetlands frequently inundated with water

Wetlands animals

wetlands are home to many plants and animal.

birds such as owls, roseate spoonbill, snowy egret, and the red shouldered hawk.

they are also home to many other animals, amphibians, and reptiles.

such as bobcats, moose, alligators, green tree frog, gopher tortoise, and eastern indigo snakes.

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Wetlands plants

there are many wetland plants.

such as cattails, bulrushes, sedges, arrowhead, and water lilies.

these plants have to be able to withstand flooding, drought, ice waves, and brackish

Problems wetlands face

wetlands face many problems.

such as drainage, peat mining, harvesting, and fires

solutions to wetlands problems

there are many things we can do to save wetlands.

- we can prevent the construction of water projects.

- don't dump garbage in the wetlands

- reduce,reuse,and recycle household items