The Electromagnetic Spectrum

By: Jamari Westbrook

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Radio waves

Radio waves are long low frequency waves. Humans can not see them but they are still there. Radio waves are about 1-2 km in wavelength. Radio wave can cause cancer too. so they can be dangerous but not ll the time


We can use microwaves to cook many types of food. Cell phones use microwaves too. They can be generated by antenna. Speed cameras use microwaves too these are not dangerous

Infrared waves

remote controls for TVs and video recorders. Physiotherapists use heat lamps to help heal sports injures. The danger to people from too much Infra-Red radiation is overhearing. these are dangerous

Visible light waves

This wave is not dangerous at all. We see this everyday. It gives us heat and light to see.

Ultraviolet waves

second more dangerous and it is like rainbows and stuff.

X-ray waves

dangerous in some ways but not in others and doctors use these all the time. high frequency.

Gamma waves

the most dangerous of all this wave can kill you. It has a high frequency. We use this for experiment. And we use this for killing cancer