A Book Review

By Jeremy Baker

Get to Know the Author: Marcus Sedgwick

He has been around since the mid nineties and writing books as a writer. His first novel was Floodland. Marcus's favorite books are Gormenghast and Old Peter's Russian Tales.

He likes to write about wars and history. We have his book, Revolver the Babylon High School Library and it tells about the Arctic gold rush.

Summary of " White Crow "

The story begins with Ferelith and she knows everything about the town. She lived in Winterfold and she didn't have any friends until Rebecca comes to Winterfold with her father because her mother died when Rebecca was a little kid. Rebecca's personality change and she became goth after her mother's death. Than Ferelith meets Rebecca at Rebecca's house and she asked Rebecca a lot of questions and Rebecca doesn't answer Ferelith at all and Rebecca can't call her boyfriend or text him because there is no service in winterfold. They find a chamber and a chair with shackles bolted to the floor. But this was a dare Discover what happens to Ferelith and Rebecca. I think people should read the book because it was awesome. It wasn't scary has i thought it was.

Character Analysis